WGN and WGN Sports now part of our NEW HD Basic Blue Pack.

Rainier is pleased to announce we have now launched a New replacement package for the Lifeline Basic pack, now retired. HD Basic Blue includes all your favorites with WGN &WGN Sports included too. This is the start of our new package lineup launches with Expanded Basic Gold being next to launch with more new channels.

Don’t have the Worlds Finest Subscription / FTA TV Receiver Yet?

Attention Rainier Satellite Subscribers, Z Living is moving.

Z  LIVING is in the process of changing transponders. By November 30th you must have your Rainier receiver tuned to the new home to continue receiving Z LIVING.  Dual illumination period ends then. Please update your D9865 Receiver settings.

Download Updated Receiver Settings

For Technical help needed making setting changes Rainier Satellite Subscribers can call our Tech Support Center at 509-477-9270

Announcing Rainier Satellite’s NEW Satellite TV Receiver!

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce we’ve  just launched the latest NEW technology satellite receiver from Cisco Systems for viewing our Ultimate HD Subscription TV Service and FTA Satellite Television.

Our New D9865D Satellite Receiver (NEW 2017 model) is redesigned and updated by Cisco for today’s and the future needs. It’s all you will ever need to enjoy the Rainier Full View Arc Subscription Commercial-Quality Broadcast Master channels and, Free-to-Air DVB & DVB S2 channels on C and Ku band satellite. The ULTIMATE HD picture quality is razor sharp and breathtaking. Its commercial quality insures Free-To-Air channels will come in without lag, shudder, lip-sync or other anomalies that plague low cost FTA consumer-only receivers. Subscription TV channels continue to be released by Rainier and this is the receiver needed to enjoy them all. Grab it today and experience HD Satellite TV the way it was meant to be.

* New Firmware and Features
* High Definition Satellite Receiver
* 1440 lines of Ultimate HD Resolution
* Great for use with New 4K TV’s
* Dual Ethernet Ports & RS 232 port gives additional features
* Capable of interfacing with future additional hardware that will be released
* 4K and other demodulation upgradable utilizing cam slot.

Through a special agreement with Cisco Rainier is now able to offer the NEW D9865D receiver at a low low price. Listing at $1250.00, Rainier Satellites Special pricing saves you $500.00 off that.

With the Release of our NEW 2017 D9865D receiver Rainier Satellite is discontinuing the sale of the old legacy D9865H and D9865B receivers. This model supersedes the D9865H and D9865B legacy satellite receivers. It does everything they do and much more. Note: Legacy receivers will continue to function and be supported by both Rainier and Cisco. So if you own one you have no worries.

For more information you can call Rainier at 509-486-4137.

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Get Ready to $AVE 500.00 with Rainier!

In the next few days Rainier Satellite will be introducing a new piece of satellite hardware for viewing  subscription and FTA C band Satellite television. Our new product will include a $500.00 savings along with it. Details are right around the corner.

That’s Not All! In the next few weeks Rainier has some big announcements for all interested in viewing C band big dish satellite television. Get ready for the best to get even better!

Stay Tuned….. 

Looking for Sports on your Big Dish? Rainier’s Bringing Back More!

See NHL and MLB Action on….

C Band back in the day had it all, including the Best Sports Content anywhere. Over the years all the great Sports Networks went away. NPS and Programming Center never invested the time, money or effort to bring them back but Rainier has. Rainier Satellite is happy to announce that we have acquired rights to a Big Sports Network (name to be released soon) that’s been gone from c band for 17 years. Stay tuned as Rainier shocks the satellite world again with our launch announcement of them.

If your a sports fan your in the right place at the right time as Rainier’s Fall Savings Event still has a small amount of time left for you to save. After October 25th everyday prices resume on the world famous D9856H HD Satellite receiver (Required to receive the new sports network were preparing to launch, and all our other Pure HD services.)

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Time is Running Out to save up to $125.00 with Rainier.

HURRY! Now until October 25th Rainier lets you choose how much you wish to save in our Fall Savings Event. Get the Worlds Best C band Satellite Receiver and Exclusive Satellite Programming today. Save up to $125.00

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Cut the cord with the little guys with their never ending price increases now. Go with the BIG GUYS AND START SAVING TODAY!

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11 More Reasons to Choose Rainier…

    1. No Contracts to sign. You own Equipment.
    2. No HD Fees.
    3. No Rain or Snow Fade.
    4. No Hidden Fees.
    5. No Early Termination Fees.
    6. No Activation Fees.
    7. 1 Year Warranty on the D9865H receiver from Cisco. A name you can Trust.
    8. 200 FreeView FTA Channels FREE with our receiver purchase.
    9. No Fuzzy or Blurry Video from our Pure HD Subscription Channels.
    10. Works Fantastic with the New 4K TV’s.
    11. Lowest Subscription Prices in the industry.

Get the Hottest Selling HD Receiver, and a future promised of  additional Subscription content being added that only our receiver can get. Grab our D9865H Receiver NOW at a discount price before time runs out! Regular Daily Price Resumes after this sale. Offer Expires October 25th, 2017. 

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Fall Savings Event. Save up to $125.00 on our D9865H HD Receiver and Programming.


Summers over and its time to get some of the best entertainment available on C band satellite. As you prepare for the long cold winter ahead Rainier has an early Christmas present for you. Rainier is Choice, and is offering you 3 different levels of savings on our great D9865H HD C band satellite receiver and programming. Many have been waiting for a sale to get on board with Rainier and here’s you chance to get on board with the best Big Dish HD secret at a savings to you.

If your Short on Cash No Worries… Rainier Offers 0% financing for 6 months with Paypal credit. Now there’s no excuse not to get on board with Rainier.

But that’s not all Rainier is delivering more subscription cable channels direct to your dish in the last quarter of 2017. We are adding more Sports content, Distant Networks (Superstations), and other never available on c band TV before content. We are dedicated to C band.We continue to expand our channel lineup and grow.

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Expanded Basic Gold Package

The long awaited Gold Package Group is getting ready to launch. The first offering will be expanded basic gold. Here is a sneak peak in the making.

Expanded Basic Gold
NFL Network HD
Ovation HD
WGN America HD
WGN Sports HD
Bloomberg HD
Z Living HD
The Blaze HD
Newsmax HD
Reelz HD
DMX Music – 40 Channels
More Channels Coming with Launch

We’re bringing back the best of the best entertainment that was available on C band satellite back in the day. No other receiver or service offers these great channels on C band Satellite. One may ask what other channels are coming to our new package?  To find out the latest up to date adds you will need to call our Customer Service department at 509-486-4137 and speak with a CSR.

Did you know Rainier’s monthly packages start at $11.99 a month? If you a recent cord cutter and missing Cable content? Hook up with Rainier and get Cable content back at a low low price. Many Free Channels are included too with the purchase of our All in One Advanced D9865 Satellite Receiver. Rainier’s Receiver is the ONLY Receiver that can get Both, Subscription TV and Free TV. No need to mess with buggy FTA receivers for free content. The Rainier D9865 receivers are bug free and Rock Solid out of the box! Rainier Satellite continues to do it right.


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Are you ready for the Football?

Not unless your watching it on NFL Network in PURE ULTIMATE HD! (Only from Rainier Satellite)

Its football time again and no better time to get on board with Rainier. If your a football fan you need to know whats going on and nobody covers the action better than NFL Network. Get up early on Sunday and start your day right.

Thursday Night is LIVE football night on NFL Network.

Unless you have Rainier Satellite your paying too much for NFL Network. Cable, Dish Network, DirecTV and the like average $70.00 monthly just to get NFL Network. With Rainier its ONLY $11.99 a month in our Lifeline Basic package. And its in PURE HD FOR NO EXTRA COST or hidden fees!

Make the Switch Today. Switch to Rainier Satellite. Get Back TV Choice and end up with a few extra dollars in your pocket. Invite your friends over for all the action, and don’t forget the beer and pizza. Its on Rainier with the money you save.



Do you like Superstations?

If you answered YES Rainier’s Got them with more on the way. Rainier Satellite has recently acquired WGNA and WGN Sports and added them as an ADD-ON service to our growing list of channels. These are available as of this writing for the low cost of $1.66 a month. Take a look whats on.

See the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks on WGN Sports part of your WGN subscription.

But that’s not all. Rainier Satellite is working on other Superstations from different cities to be added (details coming soon)

Aren’t a subscriber yet? Why not? Get on board with some great Big Dish excitement all in PURE HD only available from your Exclusive C band subscription television provider Rainier Satellite.

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