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For the past few years Rainier Satellite expanded our sales to include selling on Ebay. It seemed like the right decision at the time allowing the added convenience for consumers. This decision was made before the current administration destroyed the U.S. economy with record breaking nonstop inflation.¬† Many everyday folk who could afford products before this out of control inflation kept the economy moving so the added expense wasn’t an issue.

Unfortunately here we are in 2023 with people living day to day trying to make ends meet. The luxury of adding to or upgrading their satellite systems is on the back burner. Rainier knows times are hard and you shouldn’t have to live without things you enjoy. Because of that we have made a management decision to remove all our products from Ebay. While Ebay may seem convenient for some they are not your friend. They continue to place higher fees and rules on the seller which make products sold over there cost you even more. Have you looked at Ebay’s prices lately?

When selling products directly from Rainier¬† there are no Ebay selling fees. This allows us to give you a much better discount price. And right now everyone can appreciate a price break. Ebay don’t care about you just like this administration, but Rainier does. Next time your in need of anything for your satellite system don’t cheat yourself out of it and forget about Ebay. Come on over to Rainier Satellite’s webstore direct and enjoy our savings everyday. We’ll get through these rough times together by helping each other out. See you over at our store!

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