MORE CHANNELS… Lifeline Basic Package expanding and more.


GET READY! Rainier Satellite will be announcing additions to our lifeline basic package. What does this mean to existing or new Rainier subscribers? These additional channels will be added at no extra cost to the lifeline basic package. All current or future subscribers will receive them with their annual subscription. But that not all… Other new services will be launching too either as ala carte’s or in add on packs.


Rainier Satellite has very been busy acquiring many additional channels that will be announced and launched soon. Please keep your eyes here at our news page for the latest and additional updates.


If you didn’t get your Rainier Cisco D9865 Receiver yet and are ready to enjoy all the entertainment in PURE HD it’s just a few clicks away HERE


Questions answered about your New Rainier Receiver.

Q: My new D9865 Receiver I ordered showed up today, what do I do next?

A: First your receiver needs to be hooked up to your dish. There are two options to hook it up.

1) (Master Operation using ortho feed) Connect Horizontal LNB to port 1 and Vertical LNB to port 2 on our DISEQC switch  order here.  Connect Output to LNB in on D9865 receiver.

2) (Slave Operation using Servo Feed and 4DTV or Analog Master receiver) Using our Slave Kit order here connect using this diagram.

Connect the HDMI or other connection to your TV. Plug in and power on receiver.

Next you need to program your receiver.  You will need to Download our Quick Tips Startup Guide  and follow the directions. If you ordered our Optional Data Preload service your receiver will have many channels already programmed in. You can add more or new channels by following the directions watching our video here.

Once you have channel groups programmed in and receiving a lock condition you can start enjoying your new receiver. FTA channels can be enjoyed right away. To authorize your Rainier Satellite Subscription TV package (if ordered) you need to follow the steps here.

Answers to signal reception problems and many other questions can be found at our Customer Information Center Database Here. Please consult our CIC database library first before calling technical support, many questions can be answered there. If you need additional help contact our tech support phone center at 509 477-9270.



Early Black Friday D9865 Receiver Sale Has Started!


Black Friday comes Early for Rainier. Here is your chance to get the highly acclaimed D9865HR HIGH DEFINITION RECEIVER for an unbelievably low low price! 3 receivers are available for this price. ACT FAST because when they’re gone they’re gone!

These receivers include our $74.99 data preload at no additional cost. No self programming needed.

Need more information? Call 509-486-4137

NOTE: Stock is low, order before they are gone.




Sneak Peak of Gold!


Attention Rainier Satellite Subscribers.

Please tune your Rainier D9865H receiver to suggested preset 13, acquire, then select Channel 5. For a short period of time you can watch one of the future Rainier Gold pkg’s channel offerings in Pure HD. Enjoy!

Subscribers if you need help with this call our tech support line at 509-477-9270. Have your name and UA number ready when you call.

Three Special Priced D9865H Receivers will be available in a special pre Black Friday Sale

Some may remember our Super Sale last Christmas when Rainier Satellite acquired quite a few Fully Reconditioned by Cisco D9865H HD Receivers direct from Cisco and sold them for a low low price. Rainier has got our hands on 3 more. We will be selling these in a special pre Black Friday sale starting soon. The way this special offer will work is they will be sold at this low price on a first come first serve basis. When they’re gone they’re gone. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to Rainier this is your chance to for a super Low Low price. Details and when the special sale starts will be posted here on our News page very soon. So keep your eyes open since you will have to act fast, because at this price they will be gone in a flash.