A status update from the President.

Hello all,

I wanted to pass along a status report for all current Rainier subscribers and future subscribers. Rainier Satellite has been working hard at acquiring additional content to fill our new packages and ADD-ON services launching soon. If you look at our 2017’s growth, Rainier has already added more content to our lifeline basic package with the addition of Game Show Network and Ovation TV at no additional cost to current subscribers. We also added Playboy TV US to our lineup for an additional cost as an ADD-ON service for folk wishing this mature adult content. Rainier has delivered on its promise and will continue to deliver.

So what’s next? In the upcoming months Rainier will be adding many channels that were lost from C band last summer with the shutdown of the HITS 4DTV Motorola system and others lost years ago. But that’s not all, were also working on acquiring superstation content and additional sports content to help round out C band, bringing back the choice that’s been gone for many years.

Rainier also is pleased to be able to now offer Pay Pal Credit financing for those who may need additional equipment upgrades to get their old c band system up to 2017 standards or for new c band users that require a complete system. Back in the day c band was built with dealers that offered financing. This was so folk could be part of the growing c band revolution with being able and pay off their system over time. Rainier is very happy to be able to revive a great time tested plan to help continue c band to grow in 2017 and beyond.

In closing I want to personally thank all who have become part of the Rainier family, and all who have shown interest in Rainier, hope to have you on board soon.

If you have any questions you can always call our customer service number at 509-486-4137 to have all you questions about Rainier’s products and services answered.

Best Wishes,

Robert Scharmann
President, Rainier Satellite.


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Were 2 years old! Get some Free programming on us.

Guess What? Rainier is having a birthday. Today May 15th, 2017 were officially 2 years old selling  c band big dish subscription programming to the general public. There were some slow spots there as we learned to walk, but that’s all behind us now as Rainier continues to grow. And grown we have. In the first part of 2017 Rainier has already added Playboy TV, GSN, and Ovation TV with the best resolution available anywhere to our lineup. But that’s only the beginning. Behind the scenes Rainier is busy daily acquiring more content to launch this year. Simple its not as Rainier reinvents the wheel, but we continue to get it done through determination and patience.

Some folk that had big dish subscriptions with the now defunct 4DTV system still may be sitting on the sidelines waiting for something from that retired provider to come back. But unfortunately that’s not going to ever happen. Arris (Motorola) and Comcast HITS has refused to allow C band subscriptions to continue with them in 2016. If you have a C band dish your only choice is Rainier. Rainier knows this, and they know they must make this rebuild continue to happen flying solo, as others who had interest in c band are now gone like NPS and Programming Center.

So if you haven’t joined with Rainier yet its time to. You can call 509-486-4137 for more information.

To help us celebrate our 2nd birthday if you order our lifeline basic package until May 21st you’ll get a free month of programming. That’s 13 months for the price of 12. You can order programming Here You automatically will get a free month when ordering even though our website ordering system don’t reflect it.

I almost forgot to say Happy Birthday Rainier. May you have many many more.


Got a C band Dish?

Did You know you can get the best Cable Entertainment for Less with Rainier

C Band Subscriptions Continue to Grow

As of  May 15th 2017 Rainier Satellite’s been open and selling  to the general public for 2 years. We’re glad to report that in this time C band subscription sales have skyrocketed. While other traditional means of pay TV delivery are showing a fall in subscribers, this is not true with Rainier.

We attribute this growth to many reasons. Offering the best HD picture available anywhere. Fair pricing and choice, No contracts, No HD Fee’s, No Rain or Snow fade, Excellent products, Excellent customer service and support.

Many that have signed on with Rainier have expressed their disgust with the high prices being paid monthly with cable and small dish systems. They are glad there now is an option to get programming they enjoy at low monthly cost with many free channels included.

C band has historically had lower prices than cable and small dish systems.This tried and true business model continues with Rainier. While everyone else that served c band over the years may be gone, Rainier is here to stay and dedicated to C band.

Get on board with the best kept secret out there Rainier Satellite.




Rainier Satellite bringing back the old 4DTV channels and more!

Have you seen Rainier lately? We are working hard to bring back the best entertainment to C band acquiring subscription  channels lost last summer from the 4DTV and C band over the years.  Added Lately was GSN and Playboy both on the old HITS system. We also have Bloomberg TV (now scrambled) that was on HITS.  But this is only the beginning. There’s lots more coming. Rainier Satellite is putting the finishing touches on many many more networks launching as we continue our growth.

Some disgruntled FTA and competitor folk have tried to slow Rainier’s growth by attacking and defaming us with lies and false information on many FTA or competitors blogs and forums. Let the truth be known that this is nothing but false information that’s been used to try to hurt us. If you see any of it, its all hogwash and not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately for them our success and hard work has proven to be the winner here as more and more have been getting on board with Rainier as we continue to deliver. You can’t argue with Success!

Rainier Satellites Rating with the BBB is A+

Rainier promises to continue to grow and bring back the best entertainment to your backyard dish. We carry nothing but grade A products and have the best customer support going out there.

If you been thinking about getting Rainier its time. With the weather getting nice its time to get that dormant C band dish tuned up and filled up with the best entertainment you can get for it.