Welcome past Programming Center – Skyvision 4DTV customers.


Rainier Satellite has been busy as a bee lately and want to wish a Warm Welcome to all the old 4DTV customers we have recently picked up. It is nice to see many refuse to abandon their C band systems and be sucked into the small dish or cable with there outrageous rates, poor HD, and  2 year contracts. We hope many more out there decide to Upgrade and get the Best HD available anyplace on this planet.

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Looking for Free TV & Subscription TV?

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Looking for Free TV & Subscription TV?

Look no further than Rainier. Our D9865 receivers not only get our subscription TV but 200 FTA free channels also available. No other Satellite Receiver can do this! Ready to upgrade? Get the best of both worlds, and be set for a long time to come.




4DTV Shut Down Early

From Programming Center

Dear Programming Customers:
We regret to inform you the final day for delivery of C-Band services will be August 24, 2016. The programming will end sometime that day.

Update 8/24/2016: Programming center has now ceased operations serving the 4DTV market. Rainier Satellite wishes them the best. We wish to offer a warm welcome to all 4DTV orphans and ask them to join the cutting edge of c band PURE HD technology with Rainier’s Full Arc PowerVu platform. We have 5 year contracts with programmers and are here for you in this time of mourning, and will be here for you for many years to come.

You can upgrade to our system  HERE


How our Gold HD Packages works.


There has been interest in how our Gold HD packages will work, so we will explain. To get Gold HD or Gold HD +1 you will need to be a current subscriber to our Lifeline Basic package. Gold packs are add on tier groups. To add Gold you will need to order Lifeline Basic first, then Gold, then Gold +1 (for it all). Gold channels and pricing will be found on our website at commencement. For faster addition to our new Gold packages keep your Lifeline subscription current. Non active accounts will need to be renewed and reactivated for Lifeline Basic before Gold packs can be added. To renew your subscription go here and follow directions.

For more information call 509-486-4137.

Everything C band in one place…


Did you know Rainier Satellite has everything you need for your C band needs?  Be it Equipment for your system  or Subscription HD Television Get it all under one roof.

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Own a 4DTV? The time to act is NOW… Push the button…

The long life of the 4DTV system is almost over. As of August 26th 2016 the handful of SD channels left on the X4 105 west satellite offered from Programming center or Skyvision is being terminated on the 4DTV and will not be coming back. There will be no more extensions Comcast has informed us. This leaves Rainier Satellite as the ONLY C band subscription provider left out there.  If you want to continue with C band subscription TV you will need to upgrade your system to the Rainier Full Arc Pure HD platform.  Rainier has made this easy with our upgrade package. This has everything needed to get you up and running fast.



Don’t miss the NFL pre season action begining on August 11th in Pure Master HD with Rainier on NFL NETWORK.  Its like being on the 50 yard line right in your living room! Get All the NFL Action for Only $10.42* a month in our Lifeline basic package.

*A two year subscription period is required for this price.

Shortly Rainier will be adding more packages from the 19 contracts we have with programmers. This will yield us up to 100 channels all in PURE HD ONLY FROM RAINIER.

To upgrade to the best HD out there NOW go to our Webstore  HERE  and follow the instructions to get started.