Tired of High Monthly TV Costs and Hidden Fees!

Do you currently subscribe to one of those small dish services or cable? Is your monthly bill continuing to increase?

Examples of high priced bills:

Fee’s fee’s fee’s and more hidden fee’s…

Are you paying extra for network programming? It’s included free with the Rainier C band Satellite Receiver.

Time to dump the little monsters and get the best hidden secret out there Rainier’s C band television.

You don’t only get the one and only TRUE PURE HD picture from Rainier. There are NO surprises or hidden fee’s.You own your equipment, there are no contracts or early termination fees.

The best entertainment here today, and more is right around the corner with our new expanded ADD-ON subscription ala-carte services and packages.



Basic HD starts at $10.42 a month.

Rainier Satellite the HD low cost leaders.

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Weak signal? Could be your dish condition.

One thing taken for granted is that your dish is fine. This could be true but many times is far from the truth. You need to ask yourself a few questions. How old is my dish? How many hailstorms and bad storms has it gone through? Has the dish been hit or damaged in anyway?

The next step is too look at the dishes surface itself. Are you missing panels? Are there dents in the mesh? Are there holes or tears in the mesh? Are panels popped from parabolic shape or distorted?  All of the above will achieve the same results Weak or no signal.

Missing, dented, or hail damage panels. Major signal loss.

Deformation to mesh causing incorrect focus of signal.

Why is this so important?

Your dish is a collector of weak signals coming from some 22,000 miles above the earth. The accuracy (shape) of the parabolic curve plays a very important role in focusing these signals into your feedhorn  and LNB to collect and amplify these signals for later processing by your receiver. When panels are imperfect the signal misses the feedhorn and now your 10 foot is working as a 6 foot.

The next step is to see if there is anything you can do to repair the panels. Sometimes some auto body hammers and tools can flatten the surface enough where you can refocus the signal back into the feedhorn where it belongs. Other times no matter how much you try it’s a lost cause.

What do you do then? Its time to go dish shopping. With many choices that use to be available back in the day not there anymore your choice is limited. One thing to be weary of when dish shopping is throwing away good money just to save a buck. There are some low cost Chinese built mesh dishes on the market that are nothing but junk. Their low cost can make them seem attractive, but once received and assembled the horrors just begin. There are damage panels, parts don’t go together right, once assembled the parabolic curve is egg shaped. The mounts are weak, and don’t survive even moderate wind load well. Once assembled signal is weak or non existent no matter how well you try to tune it due to surface and manufacturing anomalies. Purchasing this could put you in a worse condition then you were in originally with your old dish.

Low quality packing of Chinese mesh dish panels cause damage in shipping. You end up with distorted panels that do not conform to proper parabolic curve.

Panels mesh torn and deformed on low cost China import dish. This will cause signals to reflect everywhere but where they should.

Chinese manufactured dish poorly designed thin mount cannot survive high winds. Notice the paper thin metal that can twist under wind load stress.

Mount damage incurred from 35 mph winds with low cost Chinese made mesh dish. A good dish and mount should survive 95 mph wind gusts without damage.

Being forewarned of you get what you pay for. Where should my money be spent? Rainier has the solution. We carry our base 9 foot 4 piece solid dish designed and built by D&H antenna. The 9 footer is built in the USA and shipped professionally in wooden crates to prevent damage in shipping. It’s assembly is simple as all panels are marked where they should go. This maintains excellent parabolic curve.

Rainier Satellite’s Dish panels as delivered. Excellent condition.

Rainier Satellite’s solid built dish mount. Notice the thick heavy duty steel and multiple attachment points. High winds? No worries.

Simple matched assembly of panels for perfect parabolic shape.

Included at no extra cost is the Harvard Scientific TUNED ortho feedhorn.

Assembled Rainier Satellite C band dish antenna.

You can read the complete installation and review of our 9 foot American made dish here

You can read more about our dishes and get them here




Playboy sales begin.

Playboy TV sales have begun. To order Playboy click here

Follow regular webstore checkout process.  You must have a Cisco Rainier D9865H or B receiver and a current Lifeline basic subscription to Add Playboy.

If you don’t  have the receiver or lifeline basic package yet you can get them here.


Channels Lost? Rainier is bringing them back.

The Latest from the C Band Leader.

Rainier Satellite has received many phone calls and e-mails lately with the same question. I have a FTA receiver and were able to watch many Cable TV channels for a while that have now gone away, how can I get those back?

Unfortunately with a FTA receiver you can’t. These type of channels are distributed for Cable and DBS platforms and are required to be scrambled (protected) as per terms of licensing agreements. Some FTA dealers and forums hype up that these channels are free and make it seem they are intended for them as long as you buy their box. While this may seem fine to them, unless they specify that you cannot rely on these for continued entertainment they are lying to their customer. Only with a secured licensing agreement with the programmers, using  a scrambled signal and receiver capable of decoding them you can state the fact that these will be always available to view with a paid subscription. This is the only way one can insure cable programming is there for their receiver purchaser.

There are some FTA channels that are intended for free viewing unlike the cable channels. While there are no guarantees they will stick around forever,  (Rainier Satellite discloses this on our website) you can watch these also with Rainier’s D9865 receiver line. This gives you the best of both worlds, being able to subscribe to cable programming and watch these free channels all with one receiver.  No extra receiver is needed. Our receiver is the only one that can do this and truthfully claim that.

More about getting these cable channels back.

Rainier Satellite is working with many of the programmers that provide those channels you might have seen FTA for a short while, or subscribed to with your 4DTV before its shutdown. Many will be launching on our Full Arc Platform in PURE-HD in the upcoming months. This is great news for all who enjoy them and own a C band dish.

It Gets Even Better.

Rainier Satellite has secured 21 contracts with content providers to provide their services. We are currently working on some new low cost skinny bundle packs for cord cutters, ADD-ON premium services,  Gold mainstay packs, and even a full blown Get It All pack. Packages currently start as low as $10.42 a month.

Rainier Satellite is dedicated to making c-band great for all once more. Have Questions? feel free to give us a call at 509-486-4137 or drop us a line at customersupport@rainiersatellite.net

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Playboy TV Added to Rainier Lineup


Hop Hop Hop… The Bunny has Landed back on C Band like never before in PURE HD!

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce that Playboy TV has been added to our PURE HD channel lineup.  Playboy is now being offered as a new Rainier Premium ADD-ON service. To order Playboy you must have an existing Lifeline basic package subscription.


Playboy TV definitely has a lot to offer, whether you’re the mood for some spicy babes, or you just want to kick back and watch some original programming. Playboy is the classy original adult channel.

Subscriptions are sold annually.  Starting launch date will be announced shortly.

Please stay tuned to our news page for further details or call 509-486-4137 for more information.

Did you hear the latest news happening to C Band Satellite TV?

Rainier keeps getting better everyday. We continue to move forward putting the best C band subscription TV service together with more PURE HD TV content for just for you.





Do you recall all the great channels that use to be available with a c band dish? Well through hard work and determination Rainier is bringing them back to our Full Arc platform. All you need is a C band dish and our D9865H HD receiver to get it all in PURE HD.

What Channels will be available?

Your favorite channels that were on the now shutdown 4DTV HITS platform and many others that haven’t been able to be subscribed to on C band since the old analog VC-2 days. Basic and high tier cable channels, Rainier is bringing them back. (for more info call Rainier)

Our Gold upgrade packages, ADD-ON Premiums & Basics are right around the corner.  Get ready for all the excitement! Only from Rainier, your exclusive c band TV entertainment provider.

Our Lifeline Basic Package is required before you can add GOLD or ADD-ON services.

If you need more information, call us at: 509-486-4137 to speak with a friendly Rainier sales consultant.

Get the D9865 receiver today here


Attention existing and future Rainier Satellite Subscribers.


Greetings existing and future Rainier Satellite subscribers.

As 2017 has now begun its time we update all on what exciting happenings will transpire in 2017. Starting with the first quarter we will be announcing and launching ADD-ON Premium services to our full arc platform. You will need an active lifeline basic subscription to add these services. Services and locations will be announced here at our news page and at Rainier Satellites main websites.

Tentatively scheduled for the second quarter we will announce the offerings and begin rollout of our long awaited Gold Packages. These will include channels lost last summer on the old 4DTV platform, and add old favorites that haven’t been seen since the old analog videeocipher days. All our channels will be in glorious PURE HD. If you got a new 4k UHD TV for Christmas your in for quite a treat with our PURE HD.  Note Gold Packs will be ADD-ON packs and require an active Lifeline Basic subscription to add.

People have inquired about pricing of these new services? Pricing will be in line with cost traditional to c band services adjusted for current programmers rate scales.

In 2017 we are dedicated to making Rainier Satellite your best choice for C band HD entertainment.

Happy New Year,

Robert Scharmann, President Rainier Satellite LLC.

How many thousands of dollars have you spent looking for that FTA receiver that works right?


This is a question asked time and time again. You go out looking for the Holy Grail of FTA receivers. You pick up the newest and greatest model with it promising to give you bug free operation and low and behold once set up the problems start to manifest. You contact the dealer and they tell you we are aware of this and a software upgrade is coming out to fix this. You wait patiently, if the upgrade manifests your soon disappointed since it ends up causing you other problems, some you didn’t have before.

You call the dealer back, he strings you along, then drops the bomb… WERE SORRY BUT WE CAN’T SOLVE THIS PROBLEM AND WE ARE DISCONTINUING SUPPORT FOR THAT RECEIVER MODEL. Totally flabbergasted you start looking for a replacement. Then you notice the dealer you bought the discontinued supported model from is now offering a new model that promises you the Holy Grail once again. He promises this is it, and you need it. It’s a vicious circle. Truth is it’s not out there with these low priced off shore products that these FTA dealers sell. Only commercial grade U.S. supported models costing thousands of dollars intended for the formats they are designed for are bug free and work well all the time.

Enter Rainier Satellites D9865 satellite receiver. What’s different about it? Well the 9865 is a commercial grade satellite receiver intended to decode our PowerVu Subscription TV channels. But it has a plus; it’s also a commercial grade FTA receiver. It doesn’t suffer from the bugs that these low cost FTA receivers suffer from. It’s right out of the box and built with longevity in mind.

So you have to ask yourself, am I going to continue to play musical chairs with these cheap FTA receivers every time I turn around? or am I going to shell out the extra dollars needed and do it right once and for all to get a quality commercial product. Sit down and add up the thousands of $$$$ you have spent over the years on these throw away FTA boxes and find out your still at square one.

Get Rainier Satellites highly acclaimed D9865 Receiver and besides having enjoyable bug free FTA viewing you can also subscribe to the best HD available only from the C band masters, Only Rainier’s 9865 receiver can do both.

Get the D9865 Receiver Here



2017 the year of change for c band Satellite TV!


Just as the title says… 2017 it will be the year of change for c band satellite TV.  2016 left  many with unanswered questions. In 2016 we saw the shutdown of the old 4DTV HITS system. C band people relied on that services programming for their core of entertainment. As Programming Center and Skyvision got their walking papers from Comcast cable many big dish viewers were left out in the cold not knowing where to turn. Many are sitting in limbo not knowing what to do today.


Well things are about to change for the better because of Rainier Satellites dedication to C band.  Rainier Satellite has not been sitting around with our hands in our pockets as some may think. We’ve been busy working on our new expanded authorization system and acquiring more television content. This means more choices for you. It will start with adding our first few ADD-ON premium services in the first quarter of 2017. Also the long awaited Gold packs will be added in 2017. These packages will include many big name cable networks, many that have not been seen on C band for years. But that’s not all. Rainier Satellite is in the process working on using a special feature included behind the little front door on all of our D9865 series receivers to add even more programming content.

2017 will be a banner year to say the least. If your not part of the Excitement to come yet were only a few clicks away.


You can get a jump start on the 2017 excitement all in PURE HD by ordering Rainier Satellite Today!

MORE CHANNELS… Lifeline Basic Package expanding and more.


GET READY! Rainier Satellite will be announcing additions to our lifeline basic package. What does this mean to existing or new Rainier subscribers? These additional channels will be added at no extra cost to the lifeline basic package. All current or future subscribers will receive them with their annual subscription. But that not all… Other new services will be launching too either as ala carte’s or in add on packs.


Rainier Satellite has very been busy acquiring many additional channels that will be announced and launched soon. Please keep your eyes here at our news page for the latest and additional updates.


If you didn’t get your Rainier Cisco D9865 Receiver yet and are ready to enjoy all the entertainment in PURE HD it’s just a few clicks away HERE