Premiere TV. New from Rainier Satellite Launching Soon!

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce the addition of the following top rated cable channels! They will be offered in our new Premier TV package for the backyard dish owner using our D9865 receiver subscription platform.

Hallmark Movies

Premiere TV will be replacing our Variety package in the fourth quarter of 2023. It will carry the channels mentioned above, plus the majority of the existing channels in our current Variety package lineup, all for a low monthly price.

What a great way to start your 2023 Fall TV viewing.

Stay tuned for pricing and launch date.

For more details Call Rainier Satellite at 509-486-4137

Great News for Backyard Dish Owners!

Great News! Rainier Satellite is proud to announce we have secured new contracts with multiple big name programming providers. This means more new channels coming to your backyard dish.

A new Subscription TV channel lineup using Rainier’s D9865 Receiver not seen on consumer TVRO for years is launching soon. These channels are not available with big dish FTA receivers. Don’t abandon your BUD! Rainier’s got you covered with the best entertainment for less moving into the fall of 2023.

Details Coming Soon, Stay tuned!

Do you really need DiSEqC dish positioners?

Our Positioners are DiSEqC Problem Free …


What is DiSEqC?

Its short for Digital Satellite Equipment Control a special communication protocol for use between a satellite receiver and a device such as a multi-dish switch or a small ku dish antenna rotor (Stab). DiSEqC was developed by European satellite provider Eutelsat.

FACT Is it needed with a big C band Dish?

Not Really. Some offshore FTA receivers claim to interface properly with its commands to move the dish with one remote control. Many times this information is incorrectly received and causes a host of problems. DISEqC protocol is sent using your coax cable. This will cause attenuation to your signal and is not recommended by Rainier. You want maximum signal going to your receiver. The best way to move a big dish is to use a DISEqC mover in manual mode.

Our Positioner’s don’t have DiSEqC circuitry and operate independently from your receiver. This setup assures no DiSEqC related problems, plus allows maximum satellite signal to your receiver for a better digital lock.

Our Mighty Mini and Primesat EZ 2000 Plus are DisEqC Problem Free.
They utilize manual mode with a simple interface, and cost less.


Save by shopping direct at Rainier Satellite’s Webstore

For the past few years Rainier Satellite expanded our sales to include selling on Ebay. It seemed like the right decision at the time allowing the added convenience for consumers. This decision was made before the current administration destroyed the U.S. economy with record breaking nonstop inflation.  Many everyday folk who could afford products before this out of control inflation kept the economy moving so the added expense wasn’t an issue.

Unfortunately here we are in 2023 with people living day to day trying to make ends meet. The luxury of adding to or upgrading their satellite systems is on the back burner. Rainier knows times are hard and you shouldn’t have to live without things you enjoy. Because of that we have made a management decision to remove all our products from Ebay. While Ebay may seem convenient for some they are not your friend. They continue to place higher fees and rules on the seller which make products sold over there cost you even more. Have you looked at Ebay’s prices lately?

When selling products directly from Rainier  there are no Ebay selling fees. This allows us to give you a much better discount price. And right now everyone can appreciate a price break. Ebay don’t care about you just like this administration, but Rainier does. Next time your in need of anything for your satellite system don’t cheat yourself out of it and forget about Ebay. Come on over to Rainier Satellite’s webstore direct and enjoy our savings everyday. We’ll get through these rough times together by helping each other out. See you over at our store!


Were all trying to save a buck with the economy out of control. Here’s a tip when buying satellite gear from Rainier.

Did you know… you can save money when ordering from Rainier Satellite’s Webstore VS our EBAY store. Ebay charges us extra fees to sell with them.  We try to keep our prices low on Ebay but there is only so much we can do. If your looking for a lower price then what we have to charge at Ebay take a look at Rainier Satellites own Webstore and $ave!


Next time you see something you like on Ebay head on over to Rainier’s website and save.




Looking for Rare No longer made satellite dish positioners? Rainier to the Rescue. Were cleaning out our Warehouse and need to find these a good home. We have a few NOS models in stock were selling out. Usually only one is available of each so when its gone its gone. ORDER TODAY! Take a look below.

Titanium Satellite ASC1 Positioner/Polarization Controller

IN STOCK One Available. New Old Stock.

V-Box 7 DiSEqC Positioner/Controller

IN STOCK One Available. New Old Stock. Rainier Satellite Upgraded.

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NEW ITEM! EZ-2000 PLUS Satellite Dish Positioner

Rainier Satellite Does it again. We came up with a Low Cost Solution to move your satellite dish.  Rainier Welcomes the New Primesat EZ-2000 Plus to our webstore. This is a Rainier Satellite Exclusive.

At a time where the economy is rocky and no movers are available Rainier Satellite addresses both needs.


About the EZ-2000 Plus:


Works with all C band FTA and Subscription receivers. Why settle for something used or 240 volts from offshore, no voltage converter needed. These units are brand new and work on 110 to 120 volts AC for North America. Standard US Plug. Compatible with all kinds of Actuators and H-H mounts. Drive dish size up to 3.6m. Fine-tune function for better reception. Anti-noise circuit to avoid miscounting. Full function IR remote control. Programmable 32 Satellites Direct Entry Remote. Short-circuit protection. Output Voltage 36 VDC. Output Current 3.5A Max. Main Supply Voltage AC120V / 60Hz. Power Consumption 80W. 2 digit LED display, 4 digit LED dish moving status bar..


1 x EZ-2000 PLUS Positioner

1 x Remote Control

1 x Owners Manual

In Stock

Order Yours Today.
Short on Cash? Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit Available.

Item ID PS2000



Due to budget cutbacks. As of 5-10-2023 Rainier Satellite is shutting down our dedicated Tech Support Number, 509-477-9270. For Technical issues and support please call us at our main number at 509-486-4137 they will connect you with our technical personal.

FYI: Some FTA forums are going around saying our customer service number is disconnected. This is NOT TRUE! Just another LIE to discredit a honest U.S. based business doing business for over 10 years. Do not believe their LIES!

A company phone number is very important in doing business. Companies that have no phone number to speak with them at should be avoided. Certain FTA dealers hiding behind a no phone policy are usually based off shore, up to no good, and should be avoided at all costs.

Satellite Dealers, Resellers MIGHTY MINI SPECIAL!


Satellite Dealers, Resellers here’s your chance to make some big money. Purchase our 5 pack of Mighty Mini ED positioners and have them on hand to sell to your clients. These retail for $179.99 each. Be the savior to your client when their Big Dish stops moving. Limited Quantity Available.

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