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Are you stuck on the FTA Receiver Merry Go Round?

Do you end up buying  the latest FTA receiver every time you turn around being promised by that FTA dealer is it will work without performance issues (such as video audio stutter and lag) ? Promised the firmware update to fix problems is coming and never does? Then end up with another box that does not deliver what they promised, only to do it over and over again?  These dime a dozen FTA  boxes are nothing more than a China or other country built foreign models designed to work in that country, NOT in the USA.  No matter how you try to manipulate the firmware  it just will not work right in the US with our signals. The Rainier Cisco D9865 is designed for the USA and the broadcast signal over here in North America. It has the processor power and firmware from the factory to do it right the first time.  Its time the facts are known to the public. You work hard for your money, and its time your hard earned money is spent on something that works. Only the Cisco / Rainier D9865 receiver plays ALL FTA without issues. Its works out of the box without upgrades or firmware modifications. Only the Rainier receiver can provide Subscription C band HDTV and FTA that works ALL in one box.

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Here is a non-biased review of the D9865H from a satisfied Rainier customer

It can be found at: Sat Forums

You can log in as a guest to view the discussion in its entirety.  Click on the MPEG2/DVB forum from the directory then login as a guest.

The topic is Cisco/Rainier D9865H Commercial-Quality

Here is a copy/paste of the first post

Cisco/Rainier D9865H Commercial-Quality HD Satellite Receiver is now available for receiving new Subscription Cband pay programing using the PowerVue encryption system. I have using this receiver for past two weeks and watching MAVTV HD and NFL Network and other FTA HD services that are in the clear. It was built in Decmenber 23 2014 so its brand new not New old stock,

I Did Side by Side comparison between Time Warner cable Using two Panasonic Plasma HDTV set using HDMI. Tested Component Output on a Glass CRT and LCD HDTV Set and Picture Quality is Excellent, Even the NTSC Composite video output top notch when compared to lousy Time Warner Cable bit starved HDLite. I also compared to an PANSAT AZBox and other commercial receiver and the picture was good or better as anything I have.

Audio is present on the HDMI output and the Coaxial SPDIF sounds great High Fidelity no hum or noise when used with either a Yamaha 8.2 or Panasonic 7.1 Home Surround Sound Theater audio Receiver. The Cisco receiver has been completely trouble free on the initial install does everything the specification says it will do. It even play NBC and other High bit rate feed with NO STUTTER. It runs very cool to the touch no noisy fan is required.

There are no USB or Ethernet ports as it does not need any Firmware update as its bug free right out of the box. Any firmware updated for new operational features will done by download from the satellite. This means no more Bricked STBs that are turned into a doorstop when file transfers are gone bad with PC or USB Thumb drive.
Like all commercial receivers Programing new service is done manually no blind scan. Remote control is well made with a good layout of the key for easy use. Its similar to programing a Integra 912 except you have to enter the NITID. Very easy menu structure just click the Setup Button on the remote or the front panel menu button and then click OK Tuning/Preset. There are 64 presets where you can enter a mux,

First screen is the Tuning parameter that were already entered show if there is a signal look Signal Quality Signal level.
To put in new service into a preset you push the YELLOW button and the next menu will have PRESET NUMBER highlighted,
Next press OK and the first number will turn black and you can change this number either using the up down arrow of Direct enter the number using the remote numerical keys on the remote press OK Then press the down arrow once then OK to Preset the name of the new programing service.
You can enter the letters using the remote Keyboard or push the up the down arrow keys to scroll through both lower and upper case letters. Click OK then scroll pasted LNB Configuration as it already set to 1 which is 5150Mhz stop on Modulation Type. Using the left or right arrow set it to DVBS2 of DVBS as required Press OK’
CLick Down arrrow to DOWNLINK and entered in the the Frequency of the transponder. Make sure you enter any leading ZERO so 4Ghz is 04.00000. Ku band there is no leading ZERO example 12.110000GhZ
Click OK to enter
Next Scroll down to symbol rate click OK and enter the the number then click OK again.
Finally press the down arrow again Click OK and enter the NETid.
NetId for the FTA service can be found on Lyngsat oe will be provided by Rainier when new progaming services are available.
Once everything is entered correctly Position the dish on the satellite and polarity of the service you want to manuallly scan in Press the BLUE button to ACTIVATE which scans that transponder in.
You get a warning Changes may affect system settings but do not worry Press OK If your on the right satellite and polarity you will see Acguistion Successfull or Acquisition Failed. If it failed check the dish position and Polarity setting on your slaved receiver as DVBS2 polarity position has to be dead right on and are touchy as with any other brand FTA STB.
It one the easiest commercial receiver I have ever programed take very little practice and time to enter the parameters

IF your all thumbs in manually programing a STB Rainier will preprogram them for you for a fee to cover time and shipping charges. You should learn how to manually program the Cisco so you can DIY yourself when new programing become available.

Once your locked email Rainier your Name and Address with the S/N and UA (unit address) and they will forwarded this to Cisco. It may take a day a two before Cisco enters the UA and authorizing the programinging depending how busy they are. They should get faster as the volume of people wanting Authorization goes down. SO Be Patient! Its been worth the wait.

I also emailed customer service to ask numerous questions about the other menus and features not in the user manual… They were very quick to call me back and were very knowledgeable to help me and any other problem you may have to solve. They took the time to explain to me anything I wanted to know.

So it is UP to YOU as This will be the last attempt for the BIG UGLY DISH Home Cband consumers to be able to buy Premium True HD Pay TV Programing we all been missing wanting and not available from cable or Pizza Dish. I noticed the Sony Movie channel had audio in the clear at this time. It sure would be nice to be able to get the Sony movies in 4K soon,

They have 5 year contracts and Rainier told me they will be in it for the long haul to get more programing as they have signed contracts already for more programing.
As you can tell I EXTREMELY HAPPY with my purchase it reminded me how I felt the first time I set up my satellite system back in 1978. It may seem old hat but the ear to ear smile on my face watching MAVTV without any artifact and then calling Time Warner and telling them you can stop charging extra money for MAVTV so remove the service and the extra charge from my cable bill.



Upgrading your C band system for simple trouble free operation with the D9865 Rainier Satellite Service

Time to step up to easy trouble free operation for your C band system. Rainier’s webstore is carrying the Core Reception Electronics Package.

This package  consists of…

2 Commercial Quality Norsat PLL LNB’s

A Ortho  C band Feedhorn

A Dish Positioner Tracker Controller (Pansat AP 600)

And the proper H / V switch needed to connect up to the Cisco Rainier D9865 Receiver.


Simplify your operation. Get rid of the clunky 4DTV or Analog Mover with Servo control. No more servo motors to burn out or freeze up. Commercial quality PLL LNB’s assure the ultimate signal reception.

Move your dish… change channels on the D9865… couldn’t get simpler.

Order the Core Electronics Package


How Easy it is to get Rainier Satellite TV Programming


Rainier Satellite utilizes the c band satellite spectrum using the large dishes (not the little dishes) You will need a c band dish set up at your location.


If you don’t have one set up contact us


or call 509 486-4137 for more information.

If you already have a c band dish and 4DTV receiver or older analog receiver in working order you’re almost there.


You will need to purchase the Rainier Satellite Cisco Receiver and programming from our webstore. Shop Now!

Order our equipment and programming needed. Once you get your receiver hooked up, follow instructions to authorize your programming package. instructions

Once authorized enjoy the best HD programming quality available hands down!