Premiere TV. New from Rainier Satellite Launching Soon!

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce the addition of the following top rated cable channels! They will be offered in our new Premier TV package for the backyard dish owner using our D9865 receiver subscription platform.

Hallmark Movies

Premiere TV will be replacing our Variety package in the fourth quarter of 2023. It will carry the channels mentioned above, plus the majority of the existing channels in our current Variety package lineup, all for a low monthly price.

What a great way to start your 2023 Fall TV viewing.

Stay tuned for pricing and launch date.

For more details Call Rainier Satellite at 509-486-4137

Great News for Backyard Dish Owners!

Great News! Rainier Satellite is proud to announce we have secured new contracts with multiple big name programming providers. This means more new channels coming to your backyard dish.

A new Subscription TV channel lineup using Rainier’s D9865 Receiver not seen on consumer TVRO for years is launching soon. These channels are not available with big dish FTA receivers. Don’t abandon your BUD! Rainier’s got you covered with the best entertainment for less moving into the fall of 2023.

Details Coming Soon, Stay tuned!