Weak Signal? Could be your feedhorn.

Receiving weak signal with low quality numbers? Do you own a old servo type feedhorn or LNBF? If so its time to move up to the finest feed Rainier has tested. The Dual C-Band Tuned Ortho Feed from Harvard Scientific. This feedhorn made in the USA, is designed to work with c band prime focus dishes with an F/D ratio from .25 – .42. If your dish is shallow or deep this feed will obtain maximum illumination of your reflector for the maximum signal. But that’s not all. The Harvard Scientific is fine tuned from 3.7- 4.2 Ghz, and rejects all other out of band signals and TI that cause interference to the digital signals. While talking about interference the specially tuned step design of the custom scaler ring rejects interfering signals and noise that Chaparral and other knockoff feeds cannot stop.

2 LNB’s are required. We recommend the NJR’s or Norsats found at our webstore. Upgrade to the best today and say goodbye to that weak or spotty signal condition.

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Rainier Now Stocks the Worlds Best DiSEqC Switch

  • Professional Version
  • PURE HD Approved
  • High Frequency / High Port Isolation
  • Use with AP-600 Mover System

Emp Centauri makes the Best DiSEqC switches in the world. Rainier Satellite is now carrying the 1X2 Professional version. These are fine tuned and great to use with our Harvard Scientific Ortho Feedhorn and dual LNB system. Low BER and High Signal to Noise Ratio. Weatherproof cover included. Get the Best Today.

Connect up to 2 C LNB’s or LNBF’s.

Recommended for use with our D9865H and D9865B receivers and other brand FTA receivers.

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New Tuned Feed / Dual LNB Package… This Combo Beats Them All!

Fine Tuned Feedhorn / Dual LNB Package. 

Upgrade your LNB & Feed to the Best Combo Today!

NJR LNB’s offer Improved Performance over Norsats and others.

The New Japan Radio NJRC NJS8487H PLL LNB’s are among the best LNB’s made today. They offer a frequency range of 3.65 to 4.2 GHz, this surpresses TI and other out band sources that can cause issues. Only clean signal gets to your receiver. F-Type Connector, Low Noise Temperature of 15 K, Local Stability: +/- 10 ppm ( 50 kHz typ. )

Harvard Scientific Tuned Feed for High Gain.
Improved Gain over Chaparral.

The Dual C-Band Tuned Feed from Harvard Scientific enables horizontal and vertical c-band signal simultaneously. Improves performance and can be used for multiple C-band receiver installations. No servo motor to freeze up. Great for colder climates

Designed in the United States. Precision cast-aluminum body, scalar and waveguide. Durable polyurethane powder coating. Mounts to button-hook, tripod and quad leg dish supports. Cast-in f/D gauge Single set-screw adjustable scalar ring. Through and threaded mounting holes



Rainier Offering New Improved Core Electronic Package

Rainier Satellite is now offering a NEW Improved Core Electronic Package.

Core Electronics Package – Professional PLUS

Dish Mover Polarity Control Package


This Replaces your old LNB – Feed – & Mover for Simple Stable All Weather Operation.


  • Two NJR 8487H High Stability TI Rejection PLL LNB’s.
  • Harvard Scientific Tuned Ortho Feedhorn.
  • Pansat AP-600 Dish Mover.
  • Rainier approved dual polarity switch with 4 ports for C & Ku.

This is the package for those who demand the best. It contains everything needed to rid yourself of the old 4DTV or old clunky dish mover polarity control you may be using. It simplifies dish moving and polarity control using the Rainier D9865 receiver. Kit include two 3.65 to 4.2 GHz tuned NJR 8487H High Stability TI Rejection PLL LNB’s. with a Ultra Low Noise Temperature of 15 K • Local Stability: +/- 10 ppm ( 50 kHz typ. ) • Harvard Scientific Tuned Ortho Feedhorn, Pansat AP-600 Dish Mover & Polarity Control Switch. Once hooked up and programmed. all you do is move your dish with the remote and tune the Rainier Receiver to channel you want to watch. Simple Simple… No fine tuning needed.

Available at our Webstore Get it Now!

Playboy sales begin.

Playboy TV sales have begun. To order Playboy click here

Follow regular webstore checkout process.  You must have a Cisco Rainier D9865H or B receiver and a current Lifeline basic subscription to Add Playboy.

If you don’t  have the receiver or lifeline basic package yet you can get them here.