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NEW PRODUCT ALERT! High Gain – Low VSWR Ortho Feedhorn

Rainier Satellite is please to be carrying a new Feedhorn made in the USA. We Welcome the DH Antenna Dual C Band Feed to our product line.

Only Ortho feed Now available.
DH Antenna Commercial Feed.
Ortho Feed Requires Two (2) C-band LNBs.

High Gain Design Feed for High Gain and Excellent Rejection.
F/D .30 -.42
LOW VSWR 1.5 :1.0
Cross Pol Isolation 35db minimum

The Dual C-Band High Gain Feed from DH Antenna enables horizontal and vertical c-band signal simultaneously. Improves performance and can be used for multiple C-band receiver installations. No servo motor to freeze up. Great for colder climates

Precision cast-aluminum body, scalar and waveguide. Mounts to button-hook, tripod and quad leg dish supports. Cast-in f/D gauge Adjustable scalar ring.

Weak Signal? Could be your feedhorn.

Receiving weak signal with low quality numbers? Do you own a old servo type feedhorn or LNBF? If so its time to move up to the finest feed Rainier has tested. The Dual C-Band Tuned Ortho Feed from Harvard Scientific. This feedhorn made in the USA, is designed to work with c band prime focus dishes with an F/D ratio from .25 – .42. If your dish is shallow or deep this feed will obtain maximum illumination of your reflector for the maximum signal. But that’s not all. The Harvard Scientific is fine tuned from 3.7- 4.2 Ghz, and rejects all other out of band signals and TI that cause interference to the digital signals. While talking about interference the specially tuned step design of the custom scaler ring rejects interfering signals and noise that Chaparral and other knockoff feeds cannot stop.

2 LNB’s are required. We recommend the NJR’s or Norsats found at our webstore. Upgrade to the best today and say goodbye to that weak or spotty signal condition.

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New Tuned Feed / Dual LNB Package… This Combo Beats Them All!

Fine Tuned Feedhorn / Dual LNB Package. 

Upgrade your LNB & Feed to the Best Combo Today!

NJR LNB’s offer Improved Performance over Norsats and others.

The New Japan Radio NJRC NJS8487H PLL LNB’s are among the best LNB’s made today. They offer a frequency range of 3.65 to 4.2 GHz, this surpresses TI and other out band sources that can cause issues. Only clean signal gets to your receiver. F-Type Connector, Low Noise Temperature of 15 K, Local Stability: +/- 10 ppm ( 50 kHz typ. )

Harvard Scientific Tuned Feed for High Gain.
Improved Gain over Chaparral.

The Dual C-Band Tuned Feed from Harvard Scientific enables horizontal and vertical c-band signal simultaneously. Improves performance and can be used for multiple C-band receiver installations. No servo motor to freeze up. Great for colder climates

Designed in the United States. Precision cast-aluminum body, scalar and waveguide. Durable polyurethane powder coating. Mounts to button-hook, tripod and quad leg dish supports. Cast-in f/D gauge Single set-screw adjustable scalar ring. Through and threaded mounting holes



Its coming to your HDTV This Summer Only from Rainier

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce our channel expansion coming this summer all in PURE HD.


Official Press Release From Corporate:

Greetings to all C band big dish owners,

Many have been waiting for this news for a while and were proud to be able to finally address the public with the latest.

As some of our subscribers may already know Rainier Satellite currently has 19 contracts with different large name favorite cable channel programmers. We have been working hard long hours to get these rolled out to the public in breathtaking Pure Master HD quality via our Cisco D9865H PowerVu Full Arc platform. There were some technical issues we needed to resolve and have now taken care of this. With that said it looks like the wait is almost over.

Starting this summer (with implementation of our technical upgrades) we will begin rolling out many of your favorite HD cable channels. These include the core cable channels that have been gone for a long time on c band. Rainier also will be providing new never before seen on c band subscription channels in Pure HD.

Details on channels with packages and pricing will be posted on our website prior to sales commencement. Rainier has worked very hard to make 2016 the best year for C band satellite.

Best Wishes,
Rainier Satellite Corporate.

Only Rainier Satellite offers 1st Generation Pure HD subscription services.



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ALERT 4DTV, Skyvision, SRL, Programming Center C Band Satellite Subscribers ALERT

If you currently own a C band satellite dish and subscribe to programming through Skyvision, SRL, Programming Center on your 4DTV DSR 922, DSR920, DSR905, DSR410. Your subscription services will be going away for good as of July 31th 2016.

Comcast HITS which serves the X4 105 west satellite is migrating their services to a new system that will not work with the 4DTV.


For More Information please call 509 486-4137 or e-mail:

You can visit Rainier Satellite here