See how Rainier Satellites High Quality TVRO C Band Antennas are Manufactured

All Rainier Satellite sold Satellite Dishes are Made in the USA. Keep Our U.S workers working. Buy U.S. Manufactured products from Rainier.

Watch the manufacturing process of a quality built U.S. satellite dish. Beware of cheap,  offshore imports offered by others. Do it right the first time, order from Rainier. Buy with confidence. We offer a full warranty and telephone tech support.

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What type of programming do you want more of from Rainier? Take our poll.

Rainier Satellite values your input. We need to know what kind of programming you’d like to see more of on our C band platform. Choose all choices that apply. This poll runs till February 14, 2019.


What kind of programming do yo want to see more of with Rainier?

  • Basic Cable TV services (27%, 249 Votes)
  • Sports (26%, 241 Votes)
  • Premium Movies (25%, 236 Votes)
  • Diginets (11%, 106 Votes)
  • Specialty Networks (not seen on Cable) (11%, 98 Votes)

Total Voters: 916

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Your input counts. Rainier wants to build the best big dish service just for you. This can be accomplished with great feedback. We listen. Please participate.

New Tuned Feed / Dual LNB Package… This Combo Beats Them All!

Fine Tuned Feedhorn / Dual LNB Package. 

Upgrade your LNB & Feed to the Best Combo Today!

NJR LNB’s offer Improved Performance over Norsats and others.

The New Japan Radio NJRC NJS8487H PLL LNB’s are among the best LNB’s made today. They offer a frequency range of 3.65 to 4.2 GHz, this surpresses TI and other out band sources that can cause issues. Only clean signal gets to your receiver. F-Type Connector, Low Noise Temperature of 15 K, Local Stability: +/- 10 ppm ( 50 kHz typ. )

Harvard Scientific Tuned Feed for High Gain.
Improved Gain over Chaparral.

The Dual C-Band Tuned Feed from Harvard Scientific enables horizontal and vertical c-band signal simultaneously. Improves performance and can be used for multiple C-band receiver installations. No servo motor to freeze up. Great for colder climates

Designed in the United States. Precision cast-aluminum body, scalar and waveguide. Durable polyurethane powder coating. Mounts to button-hook, tripod and quad leg dish supports. Cast-in f/D gauge Single set-screw adjustable scalar ring. Through and threaded mounting holes



Questions answered about your New Rainier Receiver.

Q: My new D9865 Receiver I ordered showed up today, what do I do next?

A: First your receiver needs to be hooked up to your dish. There are two options to hook it up.

1) (Master Operation using ortho feed) Connect Horizontal LNB to port 1 and Vertical LNB to port 2 on our DISEQC switch  order here.  Connect Output to LNB in on D9865 receiver.

2) (Slave Operation using Servo Feed and 4DTV or Analog Master receiver) Using our Slave Kit order here connect using this diagram.

Connect the HDMI or other connection to your TV. Plug in and power on receiver.

Next you need to program your receiver.  You will need to Download our Quick Tips Startup Guide  and follow the directions. If you ordered our Optional Data Preload service your receiver will have many channels already programmed in. You can add more or new channels by following the directions watching our video here.

Once you have channel groups programmed in and receiving a lock condition you can start enjoying your new receiver. FTA channels can be enjoyed right away. To authorize your Rainier Satellite Subscription TV package (if ordered) you need to follow the steps here.

Answers to signal reception problems and many other questions can be found at our Customer Information Center Database Here. Please consult our CIC database library first before calling technical support, many questions can be answered there. If you need additional help contact our tech support phone center at 509 477-9270.