Do you like Superstations?

If you answered YES Rainier’s Got them with more on the way. Rainier Satellite has recently acquired WGNA and WGN Sports and added them as an ADD-ON service to our growing list of channels. These are available as of this writing for the low cost of $1.66 a month. Take a look whats on.

See the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks on WGN Sports part of your WGN subscription.

But that’s not all. Rainier Satellite is working on other Superstations from different cities to be added (details coming soon)

Aren’t a subscriber yet? Why not? Get on board with some great Big Dish excitement all in PURE HD only available from your Exclusive C band subscription television provider Rainier Satellite.

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Rainier Satellite Keeps Prices Low!

Did You Know Rainier Satellite Continues to keep prices low for C band Dish owners. Here is a comparison of National Programming Service (out of business since 2010) in 2006 to Rainier Satellite in 2017.

As you can see above  (considering its 11 years later and the cost of inflation has gone up)  that Rainier’s Prices remain very low and right in line with traditional C band programming costs.

If you currently have a C band dish or are considering getting one (Rainier carries a U.S. made high quality dish). You can SAVE SAVE SAVE on programming costs over Cable, Little Dish, or IPTV.

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Get Popular Cable channels for less from Rainier

Have you been paying too much for cable or Satellite TV? Did you know you can get popular big name cable channels from Rainier for less in PURE HD, with no HD Fees.

Here are a few examples:

NFL Network HD
Average monthly cost with other providers $85.00
Rainier Satellite $11.99

WGN America HD
Average monthly cost with other providers $90.00
Rainier Satellite $13.65

Game Show Network
Average monthly cost with other providers $85.00
Rainier Satellite $11.99

Bloomberg TV HD
Average monthly cost with other providers $85.00
Rainier Satellite $11.99

Ovation TV HD
Average monthly cost with other providers $85.00
Rainier Satellite $11.99

Playboy TV HD
Average monthly cost with other providers $120.00
Rainier Satellite $27.98

Next time you pay that High Cable or Satellite TV bill think about the savings you could be getting going with Rainier.

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WGN America Sales Have Started!

With the one year anniversary nearing of the 4DTV HITS 2 Home service ending this month last year. Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce that C band subscription TV channels at Rainier continues to grow with sales stronger than ever. Sale of WGN America (Now in PURE HD, a Rainier Exclusive), gone since 2007 from C band is available to the general public NOW as of Monday August 14th, 2017.

Live Picture of WGNA from the Rainier D9865H Receiver.
Rainier Delivers Big Cable Content Again !

To tune your Rainier D9865 receiver for WGN use the following data.

Satellite: 125 West
Polarity: Horizontal
Modulation Type: DVB-S
Downlink: 3960
Symbol Rate: 29.270
NetId: 776

Channel 50 East Coast Subscribers.
Channel 55 West Coast Subscribers.
This is determined by your DMA, Zip Code Which Channel you’ll receive.
Channel 11 WGN Sports is included with your Subscription to WGN America.

Channel cost is $19.99 per year (only a $1.66 a month) and is sold as an ADD-ON Service to our Lifeline Basic packaged (required to purchase WGN)

So what are you waiting for? Fill that big dish up once again with quality TV. Jump aboard Rainier today and get back a piece of C band history!

You can Order WGN America Here

Superstation WGN Sales Information

WGN Superstation in PURE HD  is being sold as a ADD-ON Service. To subscribe you must have a current Lifeline basic Subscription. The cost of the ADD-ON Channel is $19.99 per year.

Rainier Satellite is pleased to have been chosen to receive exclusive rights to sell Superstation WGN once again on C band. WGN America is located on the Galaxy 14, 125 degree west satellite.

A little history:

WGN subscription sales began  in the mid 1980’s with the scrambling of their signal using the VideoCipher 2 analog system. Superstar Connection began selling them to the backyard dish owners at that time. WGN was originally uplinked by United Video from their Teleport in Monee Illinois. The backyard dish signal shutdown came with the sunset of the consumer VC-2+ shutdown in 2007.  This has left WGN vacant from the c band dish owners dish for a decade. Their current PowerVu encrypted signal is uplinked from their TV Studios on the north side of Chicago Illinois. Rainier big dish subscribers receive WGN via our Cisco D9865 Receiver in Pure HD.