Do you like Superstations?

If you answered YES Rainier’s Got them with more on the way. Rainier Satellite has recently acquired WGNA and WGN Sports and added them as an ADD-ON service to our growing list of channels. These are available as of this writing for the low cost of $1.66 a month. Take a look whats on.

See the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks on WGN Sports part of your WGN subscription.

But that’s not all. Rainier Satellite is working on other Superstations from different cities to be added (details coming soon)

Aren’t a subscriber yet? Why not? Get on board with some great Big Dish excitement all in PURE HD only available from your Exclusive C band subscription television provider Rainier Satellite.

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Rainier Satellite Keeps Prices Low!

Did You Know Rainier Satellite Continues to keep prices low for C band Dish owners. Here is a comparison of National Programming Service (out of business since 2010) in 2006 to Rainier Satellite in 2017.

As you can see above  (considering its 11 years later and the cost of inflation has gone up)  that Rainier’s Prices remain very low and right in line with traditional C band programming costs.

If you currently have a C band dish or are considering getting one (Rainier carries a U.S. made high quality dish). You can SAVE SAVE SAVE on programming costs over Cable, Little Dish, or IPTV.

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WGN America Sales Have Started!

With the one year anniversary nearing of the 4DTV HITS 2 Home service ending this month last year. Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce that C band subscription TV channels at Rainier continues to grow with sales stronger than ever. Sale of WGN America (Now in PURE HD, a Rainier Exclusive), gone since 2007 from C band is available to the general public NOW as of Monday August 14th, 2017.

Live Picture of WGNA from the Rainier D9865H Receiver.
Rainier Delivers Big Cable Content Again !

To tune your Rainier D9865 receiver for WGN use the following data.

Satellite: 125 West
Polarity: Horizontal
Modulation Type: DVB-S
Downlink: 3960
Symbol Rate: 29.270
NetId: 776

Channel 50 East Coast Subscribers.
Channel 55 West Coast Subscribers.
This is determined by your DMA, Zip Code Which Channel you’ll receive.
Channel 11 WGN Sports is included with your Subscription to WGN America.

Channel cost is $19.99 per year (only a $1.66 a month) and is sold as an ADD-ON Service to our Lifeline Basic packaged (required to purchase WGN)

So what are you waiting for? Fill that big dish up once again with quality TV. Jump aboard Rainier today and get back a piece of C band history!

You can Order WGN America Here

Superstation WGN is Back & launching on Rainier Satellite in PURE HD!

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce were bringing back one of the original C band Superstations, WGN.  WGN left C band in 2007 with the shutdown of its VC-2 signal by Motorola. The PowerVu HD signal has been picked up by Rainier through contract agreement for c band TVRO sale. WGN America currently is available in approximately 80 million pay television households.

Learn more about Superstation WGN Here

Rainier satellite is offering the Tribune owned station in our Exclusive Pure HD master format on the 125 west satellite.

Details of sales starting, package options, pricing and launch date TBA soon here at our news page, so stay tuned…

We wish to offer a warm welcome to WGN and proud to have them as part of the growing Rainier family of channels. More Cable TV Channels to come to Rainier in 2017 and beyond.

What good is your C band Dish without content you can rely on to be there when you want to watch it? Rainier guarantees your pay TV channels through us will be there when you want them.  FTA ONLY boxes with content they hype can’t!

Rainier Satellite Rebuilding C Band Satellite Television One Step at a Time! Got a big Dish? Fill it with the best for Less from Rainier.


Looking for Mature Entertainment? Then Rainier has the channel for you.

Looking to add a little spice to your life? Well then you need a PURE HD subscription to Playboy TV.

Take a sample look at some of  the programming Playboy TV provides.

Just imagine what Playboy looks like in PURE HD on your HDTV? Only from Rainier Satellite.

Playboy TV is an ADD-ON Service.

Enjoy Motorsports? Then Rainier has a channel for you!

If your into anything Motorsports MAV TV is the channel for you. And only Rainier offers it in our Exclusive PURE HD, that no other provider can provide. Its like bringing the racetrack right into your living room.

Car Shows… MAV has them, take a look at a sample below.

Motorsports, see a small sample below…

And last but not least Rainier offers MAV TV in our low cost Lifeline Basic package unlike other providers who demand you take their high priced tier package just to get MAV TV.

So now the secret is out Get MAV today in PURE HD for less, ONLY FROM RAINIER  SATELLITE!

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Do You Like Movies? Rainier’s Got Them Daily in PURE HD!

Did you Know? With a Rainier Subscription to our Lifeline Basic Package you get three big name Movies daily 7 days a week. Ovation TV plays some of the best flicks ever made, but that’s not all. They’re all in Pure HD (a Rainier Exclusive) with Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Get the popcorn ready with Rainier!

Ovation offers more great programing too… You can learn more about Ovation TV Here

Order Ovation in Pure HD from Rainier Here

Don’t underestimate Rainier’s Lifeline Basic package. It packs a punch for a very low monthly cost.  Get Cable TV at a discount price.

lifeline basic from rainier

Lifeline Basic required to add other Rainier subscription services.


Get the News without the twist from Rainier.

Tired of news channels with slanted views or hidden agenda’s? Then its time you take a look at Newsmax. Newsmax reports the news as it is. Not with some some slanted view or supported by some group with a hidden agenda. Get the facts not the fluff.  Newsmax is available in Pure HD only from Rainier Satellite.


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Why the Rainier Satellite Receiver Excels over all other receivers.


Why Purchase the D9865? It’s as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..

Commercial Receiver at Consumer Friendly Price.

1) Did you know, the Rainier Cisco D9865 is designed with the North America signals in mind. Unlike ALL other FTA receivers which are designed for 3rd world foreign counties and their content. What this means to you is content meant for the U.S. and Canada works great. Gone are the iffy lock conditions with picture breakup, studder, freezing, and lip sync issues found with these foreign meant boxes.

2) The Rainier receiver is the ONLY c band satellite receiver that can subscribe to the U.S. Cable TV channels through us. Since the 4DTV Programming Center’s shutdown in 2016. Rainier is the ONLY provider to get this Cable content on your c band big dish. NO FTA receiver can subscribe to ANY cable content in the U.S. If you have one of these this severely limits your content viewing choice’s and future expansion of Cable content. Beware of shady FTA dealers misrepresenting their boxes being able to receive subscription cable content, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Rainier Satellite is exclusively licensed to provide this content on c band, no one else. If your a recent cord cutter Rainier provides Cable content for LESS!

3) Rainier’ s 9865 receivers are built and backed by Cisco for trouble free performance and longevity. Unlike foreign meant FTA boxes sold by dime a dozen FTA dealers. Gone are any worries about, will my receiver work tomorrow?? Your also well protected by Rainier and Cisco. Should your D9865 ever need repair service, (very unlikely) Rainier and Cisco gives you excellent service with full support. We are here for you and strive to make the customer happy.

You can get the Rainier Cisco D9865 receivers HERE

Help Rainier Grow into what you want. Take our Survey

Please take our survey on the type of Programming content you watch, and would purchase from Rainier? You can choose 2 options. This survey runs till July 1st 2017. All can vote. Thank You for voting.

What Programming Content Do you wish to see on Rainier Satellite?

  • Basic Cable Channels (ie: A&E, History, Lifetime, LMN, TV Land, MTV Live, Comedy Central, Nick, Teen Nick, CMT, Food, DIY, HGTV, AMC, Hallmark, USA, SyFi & more) (52%, 102 Votes)
  • Sports Content (25%, 49 Votes)
  • Premium Movie Channels (23%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 116

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UPDATE 7/2/2017:  Voting period has ended. Thank you to all who’ve voted. Rainier and the programmers appreciate your feedback. This information will be used to help in pursuing additional channel agreements that the public is interested in.

We will be reporting good news concerning additional programing launching  on Rainier soon. Keep your eyes here on our news page to get the latest information. You can also call 509-486-4137 for more information at any time.