Special Purchase D9865H Deck The Halls Christmas Sale – Going On Now!

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Rainier Satellite has acquired a limited quantity of Special Purchase D9865HR Receivers that were selling in our Deck The Halls December Christmas Sale. These are being offered at a never before seen price of $419.99 plus lifeline basic pack programming cost (required). ON SALE NOW and runs through December 23rd or till they are all gone.  Black Friday prices all Month Long!  These are being sold on a first come first serve basis. When they’re gone they’re gone! This price is too good to miss…

But there’s even more! >> Data Pre Load Service Included. Get up and running fast with our turn-key solution for your receiver. We pre load all the data needed to receive our channels in the receiver ahead of time. This allows you to start enjoying our channels without waiting as you learn and become familiar with the receivers operation. This is a S49.99 value.

Our Regular Prices
749.99   D9865HD Receiver
49.99   Data Preload
799.98   Total

419.99    SALE PRICE


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Its that time of year again Snow and Rain knocking out DirecTV, Dish Network and others.

If you have one of those small dish systems. Dish Network or DirecTV in the US or Shaw Direct and Bell TV in Canada. You could be watching the lost signal message on your TV screen. Time again to miss the big game or your favorite show. Those providers lie and tell you their signal does not go out in bad weather. BULLFEATHERS Anyone who has or had the small dish systems knows this is not true.

Well if you had Rainier Satellite you would be enjoying your favorite game or show. Rainier Satellite does not lose reception in inclement weather. C band transmissions are not affected by the inclement weather plague that affects ku and ka  (small dish bands).

So what are going to do? Keep paying for that blank picture in bad weather or move up to the HD Leader Rainier Satellite. And be enjoying that HDTV no matter what mother nature is doing outside.


We are the place to get latest true news for Rainier Satellite and whats really happening in C band.



The internet is a big place, it has quite a bit of information out there. While this is great it has its downside too. There are places and individuals that will always try to publish bad press, create hate and confusion, and twist the facts and news out there.

This is why we are the only place you need to get the latest on whats happening with Rainier Satellite and C band in general.

Now to the nitty gritty about  places that provide negative press about Rainier Satellite and or its employees.

Why is that bad press information being posted on the internet?  Here are the facts. If your one of those people that frequent satellite forums that sell only FTA equipment of push Dish Network or DirecTv you may notice that if anything that is written about Rainier it is either negative or they ridicule Rainier or its employees. This information is posted by those because they want to try to slow Rainier’s growth, push their products, or are trolls that lives to create hate and discontent about anything positive. When you see these things its best to ignore the small minds that write them.

When you want the truth about us or our service. Come here to read the latest news. If you have questions or concerns about any product or service Rainier offers you can contact our customer support department by calling 509-486-4137 or e-mail customersupport@rainiersatellite.net

Need a Actuator? Rainier now has a High Quality Unit.

Venture Maxi Ball Screw 36 inch Actuator

This ball screw version of the “Maxi” for those with heavier dishes or for those who just prefer a Cadillac vs a Chevy. This unit will provide years of reliable service.

Works Great with the Rainier DH 9ft Satellite Dish and others.
Accurate, Dependable, All Weather Operation for Large Dishes.

Maxi Ball Screw Actuators Features

Venture’s name is trusted and widely heard in the market place for precision made maxi ball screw actuators guaranteed with high performance. Featuring heavy wall steel construction and sealed chamber design, this actuator type from Venture provides you with high efficiency and high speed while executing heavy duty linear positioning applications

Our Ball Screw Actuators Exhibit the Following Unrivalled Features:

  • Rugged steel tube construction
  • Easy-to-install
  • User friendly design and operation
  • 5 pitch ball screw
  • 1500 lb. capacity
  • Tube and gearbox easily taken apart for installation and service with simple tools
  • Interchanges with virtually all other actuators in the field today
  • Black E-coated outer tube and plated inner tube for superior corrosion protection
  • Plastic Pilot guide prevents metal to metal contact between the tubes
  • Forged steel end mount design with swivel and built in standoffs for ½” bolt mounting
  • Easy to install split clamp assembly for ½” bolt mounting
  • Mounting bolt kit included
  • Limit switches with single screw adjustment
  • Water drains and vents throughout for freeze protection
  • KU or C band compatible
  • 36/24vdc motor
  • 5 amps @1500 lbs @ 36vdc

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Do most know what HD should look like? Uncovering the big lie!

If your the typical consumer you probably have bought a new big screen HDTV in the past few years. You had high hopes of enjoying all your favorite shows and or sporting events in breathtaking HD. You hooked it up to your cable system, small dish system, IPTV, or tv antenna and commence to watching. As you watch  you start saying to yourself, this thing don’t look as good as my old clunky tv with a picture tube looked. It looks soft  and smeary.  It has fuzziness and or blocks in the picture especially on fast action.

You mess around with the settings hoping to improve the picture, it don’t help. You call your tv provider or go back to the big box store you bought the TV at. They up sell you with new HDMI cables or tell you you need their super duper HD tier. You hook it all up and end up looking at the picture and say this thing is no better, Whats going on?  Disgusted you conform and say it is what it is, or say to yourself I should have stuck with my old TV set.

Why does this typical scenario go on? Why can’t I get the picture I was promised by the salesman in the store?


First off when you went to the store they probably had an in house promo reel playing showing you breathtaking scenes with clarity and detail. Sure it looked good because that promo was done without massively compressing the picture quality.

You bring it home and you hook the HDTV up in the real world with the poor quality signal 99% of the providers provide. Those 99% take the original high quality signal and massively compress (shrink the picture) to fit in  the bandwidth they have available on their system. Once they are done with massively compressing it it gets expanded (with detail information lost in the processing) to the large screen size on your end. You then end up with the real world POOR PRODUCT that you pay $100.00 or more a month for.

Wouldn’t you rather see that same breathtaking picture you shelled out your hard earned money for in the store on your favorite show or sporting event in your home?

We’ll now there is a way and its only provided by ONE TV PROVIDER, Rainier Satellite. At Rainier we use the original Master first generation signal and send it to you directly without altering it at all to your backyard C band Satellite dish system. The end result is breathtaking sharpness, clarity and deep non washed out color. Sporting events look like you at the event . Fast acting sports does not fuzzy up or block (tile) out.  Your favorite program is sharp and defined. You finally get the quality you paid for out of that new HDTV.

Get more information here on how it all works to get that breathtaking picture you paid for and deserve.