How to Setup, Operate, and get the most of your Rainier receiver

Now that you got on-board with Rainier, learn how to get the most out of it.

This in school post lets you learn how to use your new D9865 Rainier receiver, and get the most out of your dish and Rainier services.

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Quick Tips Startup Guide:

D9865 Owners Manual:

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4DTV Hookup instructions:

Harvard Scientific Ortho Feed Hookup and 9865 Configuration:

If you need more help? Subscribers can get free support by calling Technical Support line  at 509-477 9270. If you not a subscriber a pay per incident fee applies.
General information can be obtained by calling 509-486-4137.
Thank you for being a Rainier Satellite Subscriber.
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An update from the president.

From the President of Rainier Satellite.

Greetings to all.

It’s time I update all with a progress report. Rainier Satellite’s been very busy growing. We attribute this success to our hard work and determination. Were pleased to have added 9 channels in the last month to our subscription platform. These include NESN National, Gone Viral TV, Gone Viral Music, Gone Viral Vogue, Gone Viral Xtreme, CBC, CTV, City TV, and TVO.

Just think because of Rainier’s hard work Boston Red Sox fans can now get to see NESN’s coverage on your big dish once again, gone from c band TV since the year 2000. Catch all the action starting with spring training right around the corner on the 131 satellite in Ultimate HD only from Rainier. You can get NESN in our Blue Package.

That’s not all I have to report. The Gone Viral Networks which have been free on satellite for a while have scrambled lately. Rainier don’t like to see channels go away, this is never a good thing, and was the downfall of our predecessors. So we got them back for all. Now available only from us on the 101 west satellite in both our new Startup pack and Blue package.

But there’s even more. Rainier’s done the impossible. We’ve brought Canadian TV to the USA. Were please to be the exclusive provider in the US for CBC, CTV, City TV and TVO from Toronto. These can be seen on the 101 west satellite. CTV currently found elsewhere for free will be scrambling their distribution feeds this year. This will leave Rainier Satellite the only place you can get these in the US. Like I said before, Rainier Satellite does not like to see channels go away and have already addressed this issue. We’re glad to be able to be offering CTV along with the CBC, City and TVO in our Toronto 4 package. This can be purchased as an ADD-ON service to your Startup or Blue package.

Talking about scrambling and channels going away. Rainier has been busy getting contracts for many of the Diginets that will be scrambling this year. Learning of this going to happen soon Rainier would like to see these networks continue to be available to the c band audience. Once scrambled Rainier will be the only place to get these on C band. Don’t let your dish go dark.

I have even more to report, Rainier will be adding much more content to our lineup very soon. We’re in contract negotiations as I speak with many programmers. As soon as we reach a deal Rainier posts this information at our news page with all the details so stay tuned. Some take longer than others so please be patient. For those who currently have our new Blue 2018 package, or Startup package will get many of these channels added for free with your subscription. If you have our now discontinued old legacy Lifeline basic package, you will need to upgrade to Blue 2018 to receive the new channels. So upgrade today and don’t miss out. For upgrade questions please call our customer service department at 509-486-4137.

In closing I want to say thank you to all who support Rainier Satellite, we do it all just for you. I would also like to invite all those folk that have been following our progress for a while to get on board. Don’t be left in the dark anymore with the continued scrambling of channels happening. It’s a win win situation getting Rainier now as all new customers get our new advanced D986D receiver capable of many satellite delivered upgrades that will keep it working well into the future. Get $500 off the MSRP only from Rainier. And remember Rainer offers 0% interest rate financing for 6 months when you check out using PayPal Credit.

Have a great day all, and remember “Rainier Satellite, Were the Future of C Band Television”.

Best Regards,
Robert Scharmann.
President Rainier Satellite LLC.


WOW 4 Major Canadian TV Networks added to Rainier! “The Toronto 4”


Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce that we have finalized the contract agreement to sell the four major networks from Canada to the northern half of the U.S. If you reside above the 42nd parallel you can now add CBC, CTV, City TV & TVO to your big dish. These Toronto based networks are in Ultimate HD on the 101w satellite.

CBC was the # 1 big Canadian Network delivered C band Analog ITC back in the day. Its been scrambled for quite a while on C band but no more as Rainier has brought it back plus 3 others.


Receiver  Settings >>>>

These channels are an ADD-ON Service that require our Startup or Blue 2018 package to add. They will begin being authorized in March if you order now. If you still have Lifeline Basic or Blue 2017 and wish to add these you will need to call Rainier at 509-477-9270 to upgrade your current subscription to Blue 2018 for the remaining time left at a prorated cost.

These services are also Available to Cable Companies and Private Networks Exclusively from Rainier. Contact a CSR at 509-486-4137 for more details.