Rainier Satellite signs multiyear MAV-TV Contract Renewal

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce we’ve signed a multiyear renewal contract to provide MAV-TV to our backyard dish subscribers on C band.

Unlike the small dish, cable, or steaming services we don’t believe in getting involved in long drawn out contract disputes over pennies on the dollar. Rainier is dedicated to you our customer to provide you with what you pay for and enjoy without needless interruptions of service.

MAV-TV is an American cable and satellite television channel owned by the automotive lubricant company Lucas Oil, a ubiquitous presence in the motorsports world, which mainly airs programming focused around motorsports and programming for automotive enthusiasts. Bob Patison serves as the network’s president. 

You can subscribe to MAV-TV for your backyard dish from Rainier Satellite by clicking on the image below.


New 18 inch Venture Actuator Available from Rainier.

For those who don’t need the full travel of our 36 inch actuator Rainier now has a lower price option. Were pleased to announce our new 18″ actuator from the Venture line.

Why Choose Venture?

Your Trusted and Leading Linear Actuators Manufacturer.
Over 50 Years in Linear Motion Products.
High Quality… Long Lasting… Made in the U.S.A.

In today’s technologically advanced digital world, earth station satellite antennas require actuators with smooth movement and precision positioning. Our linear actuators are precision designed to deliver spot on accurate output. It is important to buy quality made in the U.S.A. actuators from a trusted manufacturer, and not some low performing Chinese knockoffs such as QARL SuperJack. Venture Mfg. is a trusted manufacturer of different types of linear actuators for satellite applications . Our satellite actuators are well-known for their reliability, long life, and high performance in harsh conditions.

Venture’s sincere desire is to satisfy each and every one of our customers’ needs has led us to this certification. Venture Mfg. Co. – ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. We are honored to have achieved this and will continue to use the principles of this set of international guidelines to achieve success in our partnerships with our customers. Rainier Satellite is Proud to Offer these Outstanding Products from Venture Mfg. Company.

While the Venture actuators Rainier carry may cost a little more out of the gate. You have the peace of mind to know your getting a quality product that lasts and lasts. While cheap knockoffs sold at other places may last a year or two. Expect our Venture actuators to out last those knockoffs for many many years.

Pair your new Venture Actuator up with our Mighty Mini  ED Dish Positioner for the best experience.


Get Canada’s best networks for your C band dish!

Get Canada’s best networks for your C band dish only from Rainier! Love Sports our Toronto 4 + pack has it for Less! And its Available Ala-Carte.

Catch Live Football Action with CTV every Sunday.

Catch Live Hockey Action with CityTV every Saturday.

But there’s more than sports. Get your favorite network shows with CTV, City TV and our special Bonus channel. Grab the best of PBS from TVO, and your kids will enjoy TVO kids.

Order it all today at a Low $10.83 per month Inflation Buster price.

Even More Inflation Busters from Rainier Satellite!

If you haven’t picked up an Inflation Buster product from Rainier yet you’re missing out on BIG SAVINGS.

See our expanded list below:

➔ Cisco D9865 Receiver with Variety Pak or NFL Redzone Ala-Carte

➔ Linkbox 500i H265 FTA Receiver

➔ Mighty Mini ED Satellite Dish Positioner

➔ DH – 2.7 Meter 9 Foot Sectional TRUE Parabolic Performance Edition Satellite Dish

➔ Belden 4.5Ghz Solid Copper Rg6u Coax Cable

➔ Toronto 4+ North of the Border Networks

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