Rainier Satellite signs multiyear MAV-TV Contract Renewal

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce we’ve signed a multiyear renewal contract to provide MAV-TV to our backyard dish subscribers on C band.

Unlike the small dish, cable, or steaming services we don’t believe in getting involved in long drawn out contract disputes over pennies on the dollar. Rainier is dedicated to you our customer to provide you with what you pay for and enjoy without needless interruptions of service.

MAV-TV is an American cable and satellite television channel owned by the automotive lubricant company Lucas Oil, a ubiquitous presence in the motorsports world, which mainly airs programming focused around motorsports and programming for automotive enthusiasts. Bob Patison serves as the network’s president. 

You can subscribe to MAV-TV for your backyard dish from Rainier Satellite by clicking on the image below.


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