Bloomberg TV USA Free Preview Ends

Bloomberg TV’s Free Preview has ended on the 127 west Satellite. All current Lifeline Basic subscribers have it authorized with their package. FTA viewers that wish to continue to watch the PURE HD master transmission of Bloomberg USA need to upgrade to the Rainier Satellite Full View Arc System.  Bloomberg TV is one of many channels Rainier Satellite offers.

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Lifeline basic is required for any additional ADD-ON alacarte or package services.

Playboy TV ADD-ON Service

Website Server Upgrade Now Complete

Rainier Satellite’s Website Server Upgrades are now complete. All websites now should have faster load times.

The following URL’s are fully active and running at full speed:

Rainier continues to serve you better.

Thank you, Management.


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Once again Rainier’s prices beat the competition hands down. Here’s an example: To get NFL Network with the competition you need to spend at least $60 a month. With Rainier for less than $12 a month you can get NFL Network and its in PURE HD (a Rainier Exclusive).

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Beat the 2017 Price Increase

On May 1st 2017 our Lifeline basic package price will be increasing. This is due to the annual price increase from the programmers we received in January, and the cost of additional channels that have been added and will be added soon. You can beat the increase by renewing or adding time to your subscription before May 1st to lock in at the current price.

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Actual Rainier Master 131w PowerVu Subscription Channel Live Image.



Ovation TV in PURE HD is Now Authorized!

Ovation TV is now authorized for all current Lifeline Basic Subscribers.  Its been added by Rainier Satellite to you at no extra cost.

Here are the setup specifications for your Rainier D9865 receiver.

Ovation Offers 3 Big Name Movies Nightly and other favorite TV Shows.

Ovation premiered on April 21, 1996 and was re-launched on June 20, 2007 to a national audience. It has now been added to the Rainier Satellite lineup in PURE HD only available on Rainier. The channel currently reaches approximately 50 million subscribers. Were proud to be offering it to our subscribers as Rainier continues to grow.

We want to thank all the good people at Ovation and also at Game Show Network who worked hard with Rainier to get these launched and authorized for us quickly.

More channel content and other surprises are coming from us soon so stay tuned…

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Can You Believe it… More Content added to Rainier!

Attention Lifeline Basic Subscribers Ovation TV is now added to this package. It will be launched to current subscribers at no extra charge to you.

Ovation carries 3 Movies nightly and many of your favorite TV shows. If you haven’t seen Ovation lately your in for a treat. All in  PURE HD only from Rainier Satellite.

Ovation’s Launch authorization will be done with out next authorization cycle. We will post here when all subscribers have been authorized.

Thank you for being a Rainier Satellite Subscriber and allowing us continued success.

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Game Show Network now authorized for our subscribers.

All current Lifeline basic subscribers are now receiving GSN with their package. If you haven’t tuned it in yet you should do so now. Thank you for being a Rainier Satellite subscriber.

Here are the specs for your D9865 receiver to tune in GSN.

Rainier Satellite Delivers Again!




Attention Rainier Satellite Lifeline Basic Subscribers! Your channel lineup is expanding! Game Show Network has been added to the Lifeline Basic Package. It will be launching for all current Lifeline Basic subscribers with the next authorization cycle. What this means to you is all current Lifeline Basic Subscribers will be receiving GSN on the 131 west satellite as your unique decoder number becomes authorized at no extra charge. We will announce here at our news page when all subscribers become active.

You can get the D9865 receiver specs for GSN by downloading the Quick Tips Startup Guide.

If your Lifeline Basic subscription is expiring soon and you have not renewed before your anniversary date you will not be able to receive GSN or other services in your packages. There is a reconnect fee if your Lifeline Basic subscription expires. To avoid this fee or channel loss do not let your subscription lapse. You can renew or extend your subscription here

Lifeline basic is required for all new upcoming ADD-ON channels or packages launching on Rainier in 2017. Please remain current to enjoy all the upcoming enjoyment on C band ONLY FROM RAINIER.