Get on board with Rainier Satellite this summer with our 2019 YOU CHOOSE Sale!


To celebrate the Summer of 2019 and our continued growth, Rainier Satellite is getting ready to launch our 2019 YOU CHOOSE Sale!

HOW IT WORKS: You can pick from 3 different programming package choices and receive our Rainier Cisco D9865H receiver at a discount price with your purchase.

Option 1
Order our Variety pak and get our D9865H receiver at a discount price of $599.99.

Option 2
Order our Startup pak and get our D9865H receiver at a discount price of $599.99.

Option 3
Order our Adult pak (2 Playboys alacarte) and get our D9865H receiver at a discount price of $599.99.

Rainier Satellite makes it affordable. Break up your payments with PayPal Credit.

Apply now.
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Sale from JULY 1st to July 31st. If you missed out on our last sale, don’t miss out again.

Choose your deal and Order here.

Still use the 4DTV as a dish mover?

Do you own one? Do you use it to move your big dish? Did you know that even the newest 4DTV’s are over 10 years old. As much as you would like to use your old 4DTV forever, this is not possible. Like all electronics they have a life expectancy which has passed. If it hasn’t failed yet its getting ready to. We speak to consumers daily that have been using the 4DTV as a mover then one day it stopped working. Electronic components dry out and fail from heat and age, once that happens your left with no way to move your dish. If its still working the clock is quickly ticking down to its death. Do you really want to wait for this to happen, than be left without a mover when you want to watch your favorite Rainier delivered TV show?

It’s time to seriously take a look  at upgrading that piece of equipment in your satellite system. Rainier Satellite has the answer. The Mighty Mini dish positioner!

The Mighty Mini is Rainiers own exclusive in house designed dish positioner. We offer two models, Standard, and Heavy Duty to meet your needs. Our Mighty Mini’s are in stock and not going away like others have. They’re ready to ship and provide you with years of flawless service. All other movers out there have been discontinued, died, or gone the way of horse and buggy. Move up to the latest and greatest technology and get one button direct entry satellite changing. Order the Mighty Mini big dish positioner today!

Rainier Satellite Brings back Ala Cart to the Big Dish!

If you been around the C band Big Dish for a while you remember Ala Carte choices.  Well Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce the return of ala carte to the big dish. Through a special agreement with Playboy TV we now offer our Adult pack as a standalone. For only $15.99 a month (annual term required) you can subscribe to Playboy and Playboy en Espanol  by itself or add it to ANY of our packages.

Rainier Satellite continues to listen to the public and do all we can to get your programming requests answered. We’re truly bringing back the best for your big dish. Subscribe Today!

You can order Rainier’s equipment and adult pak HERE.

If you have questions about our Satellite TV service you can always call: 509-486-4137.

DirecTV migration away from satellite will hurt Rural America.

In the not-too-distant future, AT&T will be delivering television programming to its DirecTV and U-verse TV customers over the internet instead of satellite or the variant of DSL its U-verse product uses.

Appearing at Morgan Stanley’s European Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, AT&T chief financial officer John Stephens told investors AT&T will be able to slash costs of television delivery by eventually retiring satellite service and rolling its U-verse TV into a single, self-installed, DirecTV set-top box product that will rely on very high speed broadband to operate properly.

Rural Americans will face the consequences of this transition. They are least likely to have suitable broadband service capable of supporting DirecTV’s streaming video service and could lose access to television altogether as AT&T (and Dish) retire their satellite fleets. That may be a small concern to AT&T, which has 25 million subscribers, the vast majority of which have access to broadband internet. Rural folk however do not have this high speed luxury. Internet companies will not invest the money needed to build the infrastructure needed for rural folk. The markets just not there.

Folk in rural America with DirecTV and Dish Network (also moving to streaming) will soon need to make a choice to continue TV entertainment. Rainier Satellite is aware of the impending doom coming for rural Americans as broadband TV platforms will not work.

Rainier welcomes rural Americans to get on board with our c band satellite service now to avoid any disruption of service. AT&T, DirecTV will begin slowly removing channels soon from the satellite platform to force migration to the streaming broadband service.

C band satellite’s always been rural American’s best friend from way back in the 1980’s. Many rural folks remember it and may still have up an idle big dish. If you do that’s great as that makes it easier to get it back up and running. We have all the parts to get it going again and hooked up with Rainier Satellite’s Ultimate HD TV service at our store here.

Rainier’s continued hard work and business agreements to grow our service will be the savior for many rural folk’s TV entertainment. If your in rural America, a small dish subscriber, and never looked into Rainier Satellite, maybe its time you do.

You can find out more about Rainier Satellite Here

Or call us at 509-486-4137.

Rainier Satellite …  We Care!

Now you can Pay Monthly with Rainier!

Did you know you now can pay monthly with Rainier. That’s right we said monthly. Can’t swing it all at once? Break it up, you can choose how long you want to pay it off.  How?? Using our Paypal credit system you can space out your payoff time, be it 6 months, 12 months, 24 months. And the best thing about it is you get your equipment and or programming to enjoy now! No waiting to save up the total to pay it off all at once. Also paying monthly you know what your payment will be, no surprises or worries.

Here’s some examples:

D9865H receiver and 1 year of our Variety programming.
$86.67 a month for 12 months.

Mighty Mini dish mover SD version.
$11.67 a month for 12 months.

1 year of our Variety pak programming.
$29.99 a month for 12 months.
You can also use this method for renewing your subscription.

How can you not afford these prices? Rainier has made it easy for everyone to enjoy the best Quality HD picture and entertainment value TODAY! not tomorrow. I said TODAY!

Sign up with Paypal Credit by clicking image below.

Once approved you can start your order process with us and enjoy the best entertainment value out there right away.

Attention Rainier Satellite Subscribers

The dual illumination period’s ended for the the Playboy and the Katz networks. If you haven’t updated your receiver yet? You can get the updated parameters at our EPG page.

If you require technical assistance with this, please call our Tech Support at 509-477-9270 during business hours. For current Rainier Satellite subscribers this service is free. (Non Subscribers a pay per incident fee is charged)