Got a Big Dish? Where are you going to go for TV Programming / Internet?

Do you own a Big c band Dish? Were you a subscriber with Skyvision, Programming Center, or National Programming Service “NPS”? Well those companies once big names in the big dish market are no more. They no longer can address your TV programming needs.

But you’re in luck, a small company started in 2013 by a few old time c band enthusiasts saw the writing on the wall and stepped up to the plate just for you the c band dish user. Born was Rainier Satellite LLC out of Washington state.

Rainier is the only provider out there for TV programming for your big dish. We have Exclusive Rights for delivery of cable TV programming to C band dish owners.

Rainier has been growing steadily over the years offering satellite TV products and TV programming for the DTH market. But that’s not all. Were keeping up with the latest technology too. Rainier is getting ready to launch Satellite delivered internet in addition to our satellite TV service.

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Rainier Subscribers are you seeing this message? We can fix it.

Rainier Subscribers are you seeing this message on the subscription channels you have from Rainier?

If you are this means your subscription period has ended. You did not renew it before your termination date, and you become deauthorized.  Your account is now in reconnect (suspended) status.  Rainier never likes to turn off your entertainment choices but unfortunately it happens when we don’t receive payment by your due date. No worries though, it’s easy to get your Rainier TV programming back on track. All you need to do is Click Here then follow the instructions at our restore page to get you account out of reconnect (suspended) status.

If you wish  get new channels we launch or add-on services at a later date and our records show your account is in reconnect status your still required to pay our reconnect fee in addition to your new programming term.

Don’t let your subscription lapse. Renew it before runs out, so you can continue to watch the ONLY MASTER HD Subscription TV Programming Available, and enjoy all the benefits of being a current subscriber without interruption.

If you have any questions or not receiving channels that you’re current with us please contact Rainier Tech Support at 509-477-9270.

Rainier Continues to GROW! More New Channels are just around the corner. Don’t get left out in the cold of all the great action with a suspended account.

Broadband Satellite Internet Coming from Rainier.

Rainier has received many requests over the years to offer a Broadband Satellite Internet service. We’ve listened to you and making it a reality.  Soon you will be able to bundle the internet with our Satellite TV service or get it Ala Carte by itself. All you will need to qualify is a clear view to the south-southeastern sky. Your service will be professionally installed by our installers, so its a simple turn key process for the customer. Rollout in select markets will be starting soon. So stay tuned as Rainier’s Multiplatform services begin, and we move Rainier into the Next Generation.

You can visit Rainier Online’s official website to follow rollout progress and get more information: Rainier Online

Tired of being BURNED by those FTA Dealers!

Have you been burned by these guys??? Are you a consumer who got sucked in by a fast talking salesmen or shill on their forums and bought some of those cheap FTA products they offer such as receivers,  LNBFs, paper thin mesh dishes etc etc?

Has the hardware / software updates (such as blind scan, picture breakup problems etc) promised not happening and or won’t? Has support for your product been dropped? Have you gotten little or no support with issues from the dealer? Has the product you got been misrepresented by the seller? Has your product broke or died? Have the FTA channels promised by the dealer been scrambling? Are you left with holes in your pocketbook no TV and a mess? ALL IS NOT LOST!

Let Rainier come to the Rescue. Give us a call at 509-486-4137. We can address your current situation and get you back on track with only high quality products and programming.

And when your a Rainier customer you get FREE full phone tech support for all the products and services you purchased from us. You can count on us to be there to address your concerns not only at point of sale, but in the future too. We take good care of our customers and appreciate having the opportunity to serve them. We’ve earned a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with excellent customer support and relations.

Give us a shout today at 509-486-4137. Were here to help. You’ll be glad you did.

Rainier Satellite… Were the Future of the Big Dish, and Multi Platform Multimedia / Telecommunications.