We’ve received many calls from consumers interested in C band programming. Some believe we can provide it on their 4DTV receiver. WE CANNOT NOR CAN ANYONE ELSE.  Your 4DTV receiver is still good only as a dish mover and skew controller. It can no longer provide subscription TV. Our Exclusive C band HD programming requires our Cisco D9865H or D9865B receivers. These must be purchased directly from Rainier or from one of our authorized dealers before you order programming. You can order our receivers here



Add up to 110 PURE HD channels with Rainier Satellite.


Rainier Satellite is getting close to launching our new packages. When all our packages are fully rolled out it will add up to 110 channels to our full PURE HD platform. Packages and channels will be rolled out in phases.  Phase 1 will be starting soon. For more information contact customer support at 509-486-4137

Looking for C band Subscription TV? LOOK NO FURTHER.

Are you looking for subscription programming for your big dish? Are you a 4DTV orphan from the recent shutdown of Programming Center and Skyvision?

Rainier Satellite is the ONLY C band subscription service available.


Don’t get take advantage of.

You may have read or heard rumors that you can get cable channels for free. This is not true. There are unscrupulous FTA dealers going around spreading this lie to take advantage of the 4DTV orphans selling leftover pieces of junk offshore piracy clone boxes with $15 worth of electronic parts in it, that are not capable of this. The pirates were sued and shutdown months ago by Cisco and the programmers. Any other signals these dealers may boast about have been shutdown or are in the process of being shutdown.

The Facts.

The fact is that Rainier Satellite sells the ONLY receivers capable of subscribing to HD cable programming on C band. Our D9865 receivers are built by Cisco and approved to receive subscription programming on C band from the programmers. Longevity of our signals is assured with our 5 year license agreements with the content providers.

There is no magical low cost receiver for subscription TV. Only Rainier offers c band programming and equipment to do so. DON’T GET FOOLED OR TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

To get the ONLY receiver and subscription programming available for C bands CLICK HERE