Katz HD Networks Officially Launched on Rainier Platform

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce the addition of the KATZ 4 Networks now  launched to our full arc platform.  These are available with both our starter package and blue packages.

We are proud to be the exclusive licensed C band distributor of these networks. Thank you e-Scripps for providing us the carriage agreement. We wish a warm welcome to you. Thank you for becoming part of the growing Rainier family of channels.

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Rainier Subscribers can find technical details to program these in your Rainier 9865 under support on our website, or you can contact Rainier Tech Support at 509-477-9270.

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Exclusive c band distribution rights to 4 E-Scripps HD diginet’s.

Rainier Satellite has finalized our exclusive rights agreement to distribute to the backyard dish market four of the E-Scripps networks purchased from Katz Broadcasting in 2017. Uplinking of these networks in HD is actively testing on the 97 west satellite. These channels will be encrypting soon (just as ION recently did) and only be available to the backyard dish market via the Rainier subscription platform.

These networks will be available in both our starter package and blue packages. Rainier Satellite is pleased to have been able to work out this agreement with E-Scripps and become the leader in providing diginet’s to the backyard dish market.  Many c band dish owners are in remote area’s and not served by broadcast stations who carry these on a subchannel. Rainier Satellite is pleased to be able to fill this void. Rainier also offers these in Ultimate HD, not available with dot .2 over the air channels.
Official launch date to be announced soon.

FTA channels continue to diminish. Don’t be caught with a non usable fta receiver and dish.


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ARCA Racing Live in Ultimate HD!

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce the ARCA Motorsports events are now available with your C band dish in Ultimate HD (Master Broadcast) only available with Rainier.

Events can be seen on the 125W Satellite, home of MAVTV motorsports network.


Friday 6/8 5:30 PM EST
ARCA LIVE: 2018 – Michigan Int’l Speedway – Brooklyn, MI

Friday 6/8 8:30 PM EST
ARCA LIVE: 2018 – Michigan Int’l Speedway – Brooklyn, MI

Friday 6/15 9:00 PM EST
ARCA LIVE: 2018 – Madison Int’l Speedway – Oregon, WI

The ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards is an American stock car series, the premier division of the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA). A professional stock car tour, used as a feeder series into the three national touring series of NASCAR, ARCA hosts events at a variety of track types including super speedways, road courses, and dirt tracks.

Note: MAVTV is a subscription service and is offered with a subscription to our Blue Package. It is not available FTA. You can get our Blue package for just $19.99 a month.  Our D9865 receiver is required. Cable and small dish systems require a high price package to get a compressed non quality version of MAVTV. MAVTV is not available with Dish Network.

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