An update from the president.

From the President of Rainier Satellite.

Greetings to all.

It’s time I update all with a progress report. Rainier Satellite’s been very busy growing. We attribute this success to our hard work and determination. Were pleased to have added 9 channels in the last month to our subscription platform. These include NESN National, Gone Viral TV, Gone Viral Music, Gone Viral Vogue, Gone Viral Xtreme, CBC, CTV, City TV, and TVO.

Just think because of Rainier’s hard work Boston Red Sox fans can now get to see NESN’s coverage on your big dish once again, gone from c band TV since the year 2000. Catch all the action starting with spring training right around the corner on the 131 satellite in Ultimate HD only from Rainier. You can get NESN in our Blue Package.

That’s not all I have to report. The Gone Viral Networks which have been free on satellite for a while have scrambled lately. Rainier don’t like to see channels go away, this is never a good thing, and was the downfall of our predecessors. So we got them back for all. Now available only from us on the 101 west satellite in both our new Startup pack and Blue package.

But there’s even more. Rainier’s done the impossible. We’ve brought Canadian TV to the USA. Were please to be the exclusive provider in the US for CBC, CTV, City TV and TVO from Toronto. These can be seen on the 101 west satellite. CTV currently found elsewhere for free will be scrambling their distribution feeds this year. This will leave Rainier Satellite the only place you can get these in the US. Like I said before, Rainier Satellite does not like to see channels go away and have already addressed this issue. We’re glad to be able to be offering CTV along with the CBC, City and TVO in our Toronto 4 package. This can be purchased as an ADD-ON service to your Startup or Blue package.

Talking about scrambling and channels going away. Rainier has been busy getting contracts for many of the Diginets that will be scrambling this year. Learning of this going to happen soon Rainier would like to see these networks continue to be available to the c band audience. Once scrambled Rainier will be the only place to get these on C band. Don’t let your dish go dark.

I have even more to report, Rainier will be adding much more content to our lineup very soon. We’re in contract negotiations as I speak with many programmers. As soon as we reach a deal Rainier posts this information at our news page with all the details so stay tuned. Some take longer than others so please be patient. For those who currently have our new Blue 2018 package, or Startup package will get many of these channels added for free with your subscription. If you have our now discontinued old legacy Lifeline basic package, you will need to upgrade to Blue 2018 to receive the new channels. So upgrade today and don’t miss out. For upgrade questions please call our customer service department at 509-486-4137.

In closing I want to say thank you to all who support Rainier Satellite, we do it all just for you. I would also like to invite all those folk that have been following our progress for a while to get on board. Don’t be left in the dark anymore with the continued scrambling of channels happening. It’s a win win situation getting Rainier now as all new customers get our new advanced D986D receiver capable of many satellite delivered upgrades that will keep it working well into the future. Get $500 off the MSRP only from Rainier. And remember Rainer offers 0% interest rate financing for 6 months when you check out using PayPal Credit.

Have a great day all, and remember “Rainier Satellite, Were the Future of C Band Television”.

Best Regards,
Robert Scharmann.
President Rainier Satellite LLC.


WOW 4 Major Canadian TV Networks added to Rainier! “The Toronto 4”


Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce that we have finalized the contract agreement to sell the four major networks from Canada to the northern half of the U.S. If you reside above the 42nd parallel you can now add CBC, CTV, City TV & TVO to your big dish. These Toronto based networks are in Ultimate HD on the 101w satellite.

CBC was the # 1 big Canadian Network delivered C band Analog ITC back in the day. Its been scrambled for quite a while on C band but no more as Rainier has brought it back plus 3 others.


Receiver  Settings >>>>

These channels are an ADD-ON Service that require our Startup or Blue 2018 package to add. They will begin being authorized in March if you order now. If you still have Lifeline Basic or Blue 2017 and wish to add these you will need to call Rainier at 509-477-9270 to upgrade your current subscription to Blue 2018 for the remaining time left at a prorated cost.

These services are also Available to Cable Companies and Private Networks Exclusively from Rainier. Contact a CSR at 509-486-4137 for more details.


Attention Current Rainier Satellite Subscribers. NESN Has Launched!

Brought back after being gone from C band for 18 years. ONLY BY Rainier Satellite. Rainier Delivers Again!

All current Rainier subscribers your in for a treat. If you have the discontinued Legacy Lifeline Basic Package or the discontinued 2017 Basic Blue Package Rainier has authorized your receiver for NESN National HD on the 131w satellite for free till your subscription needs to be renewed. This is our gift to you for being a Loyal Rainier Satellite customer. Your subscription to NESN will continue after that once you renew to our new 2018 Basic Blue Package that replaces your current package.



NESN National is the national television service of NESN that provides fans outside New England the best opportunity to follow the Red Sox, Bruins and all New England sports. NESN National delivers NESN’s Red Sox and Bruins pregame and postgame shows, NESN Sports Today, New England college sports and Liverpool FC delayed broadcasts. NESN National also includes Original NESN Entertainment (ONE) productions such as The Instigators, Dining Playbook, Charlie Moore Outdoors, Celebrity Spotlight and more.

To receive NESN National add the following data to a free preset and acquire.

Wait on channel 9 a few minutes to take a hit. AND ENJOY NESN!

If your not a subscriber yet and wish to receive NESN in Ultimate HD and Rainier’s other fine channels. Its now easier than ever to get Rainier. We have 0% Financing Available.

You can order Rainier Satellite today by clicking on the button below.


Tired of FTA Boxes that don’t work right? Throwing money away time after time?

Are you one of the FTA box users that seem to  get a receiver that never works right on all or some channels no matter what you do?

Does your box exhibit these symptoms? Video stuttering , lockup , or freeze? Audio missing, or out of sync (lipsync)? Channel refuse to scan in? Box runs hot or reboots? Box dies prematurely and dealer offers little or no help? Tried updating firmware and it don’t update or bricks the box.

Does your dealer promise that these problems will be rectified in the next firmware release? Does the next firmware release cause same or new problems? Does your dealer announce there will be no more updates and your now stuck with that problematic box?

Does your dealer come out with a new model and promise the new model will fix all previous problems with his last model and do so much more, but never does?

Have you lived through all this time and time again? Are you tired of it?

If so then Rainier can provide the solution.  Our Cisco D9865 model receiver does not have any of these problem that all other FTA boxes exhibit.

Let me tell you, I like everyone else have been through the problematic FTA merry go round for years just like you reading this now and was disgusted with it all. Once I got the Cisco D9865 these problems stopped. It just worked and worked well! I have been using the Cisco for well over 2 years now and very satisfied. The Cisco also offers the added benefit of Subscription C band Master TV that no FTA box can offer. More on the Cisco later.

So why does this happen with typical FTA boxes A-Z?

All the FTA boxes the FTA dealers sell  are originally intended for use in a foreign country.  They are not designed for North America’s TV signals and standards no matter what they may tell you. Your typical FTA dealer/seller looks for a product that will meet his needs and  clients price range. One big restriction the FTA dealer faces is cost. He knows his clients will not spend the money to do it right.  So he must settle. (This is where the problem begins) FTA dealers are small garage based businesses that dont have the money to invest in a ground up product built specifically for the North American Market to his specifications. So the FTA dealer/seller decides on this or that foreign pre made box depending on what will seem to work for him. He then brings it to market and begins sales. After a while his clients complain that this isn’t  working right or that isn’t right. So he contacts the manufacturer or has someone write patches to the firmware to try to solve  the issues. In the meantime it usually screws up the previous code and a new problem arises. So its back to trying to fix that problem and many times still trying to fix the original problem. Once again he releases an update and the scenario keeps repeating itself. After the dealer/seller exhausts all his resources and the manufacturer / coder says it cannot be fixed no matter what, he drops support for the box. And you the consumer is left out in the cold.

After support is dropped the dealer /seller starts this game over again looking for another FTA box to fill the sales void. He still has the financial restraints to work with so the scenario  repeats itself once again and the consumer loses again. Round and round the cycle goes.

Now back to the Cisco D9865. Why is it different? One of the things many overlook is that the Cisco D9865 is designed for the North American TV Market. It uses the same engine that is used in the commercial receivers/decoders used in your typical Cable and Satellite headend to deliver those services. It’s firmware has already been designed to work right and must no matter what it receives. Any future updates are done automatically over the satellite, so you don’t risk the chance of bricking the receiver  with USB or internet update.  Cost factor (the failure of typical FTA boxes) was not an issue when it was done so it is done right. But there is a tradeoff – it costs more than your typical FTA receiver upfront. Quality does not come free as many may keep believing. You need to ask yourself this question? Do I want to keep playing this FTA low price game buying your typical $100-$400 FTA receiver over and over just to replace it in 6 months to a year? OR Do I want to spend a little more once and be done with this merry go round once and for all? If you add up what you spent on many FTA bug-ridden receivers over a few years you can very easily own the Cisco D9865 and have change left over. Its your money how do you choose to spend it?

Short on cash? You can pay it off over time with our financing through Paypal Credit.

I hope this clears up what really happens behind the scenes and why that typical FTA box keeps giving you fits.

If your ready to upgrade and finally be happy, get the Cisco D9865 and sit back and enjoy the TV you want to watch for a change without frustration.

Cisco D9865D Receiver

More on the Cisco D9865 can be found HERE