WoW another Playboy Channel added to Rainier’s Lineup!

Rainier is pleased to announce the addition of Playboy TV en Espanol HD to our Adult tier.

Two Adult channels for the price of one. 

Those who already have the Playboy will now receive Playboy en Espanol HD automatically at no extra cost. Playboy en Espanol plays different content then Playboy itself.

This Spicy new channel can be found on channel 8 (next to Playboy, ch 7) on the 127 west satellite. Content is in Rainier’s Exclusive ULTIMATE MASTER BROADCAST HD.

Playboy en Espanol is not available on FTA.

If you don’t have the Playboy Adult tier you can add it on to your Rainier Subscription for $15.99 a month.  (basic blue or higher package required)

Rainier to launch New Variety Pak.

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce our New Variety Pak. This package will replace our Basic Blue Pak currently available in the near future. The Stars come out with Variety as it includes two Premium uncut Movie Channels. But that’s not all. Many popular cable networks are being added that have been missing from C band for years. Plus you also get all our great current Blue Pak offerings with Variety.

Rainier Satellite has been asked by many about making premium movies available for our subscribers. Rainier Satellite listened.

If your currently own a big dish spending hours scanning the sky for decent free to air content to watch and continue to be disappointed? Then Rainier is for you. With the loss of 4 more FTA channels lately it’s a no brainier, it’s time to get on board with Rainier. Quit rolling Snake Eyes!

Rainier continues to add quality content needed to keep your big dish filled.

If you were a 4DTV subscriber in the past and tired of missing your favorite cable network shows and movies?

It’s time to get on board with Rainier.

If you’re a cord cutter that cut the cord because of costs?

Rainier is for you with our low monthly rates.

But that’s not all. Rainier’s content is in Glorious Ultimate HD direct from the broadcaster. The picture don’t get any better. Got a new 4K TV fill it up with Rainier and get the picture you paid for.

Stay tuned for launch date of Variety and the new content included.

Looking for more information? Call Rainier at 509-486-4137 to speak with a CSR.

Now that the secret is out. Its time to Get on Board with Rainier. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift that keeps giving all year long.

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Rainier Satellite… Were the Future Of C Band!

Rainier to begin sales of our own in house brand dish mover controllers soon.

As Rainier Satellite with its Exclusive big dish Subscription TV content continues to grow. Rainier must be able to keep up with the demand of hardware needed for its current and future subscribers. Dish movers (controllers) are an integral part of the C band dish system. Lately sources for good product has dried up.  With many big name network contracts on the table waiting for finalization Rainier needed good movers fast. After sitting down with manufactures and our technical department to work out the details, Rainier is pleased to announce we will be rolling out our own line of movers (controllers) at our Webstore in the near future.

“This couldn’t happen at a better time” says Robert Scharmann, Rainier’s president. “We’ve been thinking about bringing out our own line of dish controllers for some time. With the expansion of our programming lineup as many new contracts are nearing finalization, there will be an in rush soon of new subscribers. Many have dishes idle for years that will need new hardware upgrades to grab all those new HD signals Rainier will be offering. I’m  pleased that Rainier was able to get this hurdle quickly taken care of.”


The Mighty Mini Dish Controller Features:

  • Two Models Available, Standard and Heavy Duty.
  • Compact Design. (sits next to our D9865 receivers)
  • Simple Installation Setup.
  • One Button Direct Satellite Tuning.
  • Powerful 36 Volt DC high amperage design
  • 10 Amp 110 VDC rated dual motor relays.
  • Electronic Overload Protection.
  • Anti-miscounting design.
  • Large “easy to read” Green LED Display.
  • Full Function IR remote control.
  • And Much More!
  • Pictures and more details coming soon…

Stay tuned here to our News page for the availability date of the new Rainier Mighty Mini mover line.

C Band Big Dish FTA viewers scheduled to lose 4 channels at end of October.

Rainier Satellite has learned that 4 popular channels watched by the FTA community will be leaving c band at the end of October. Rainier never likes to be the messenger of sad information such as this. But the public should be informed to what’s really happening.

Four channels KRBK (Fox), ME-TV (Ozarks), THIS TV, and ION TV located at the 99 west satellite will be lost because of this change. These are not channels Rainier has contracts with and have no control over the loss.

KRBK has began running a crawl to remind viewers that they will be switching UHF channels on October 31st, going from RF 49 to RF 22, as part of the national DTV repacking schedule, which is being directed by the FCC. As a reminder, the satellite signal will go away once the transition has been completed.

KRBK is moving to a new tower and antenna, east of Springfield, Missouri (near Fordland). KRBK has been using a 5 tower single frequency network (SFN) for their terrestrial coverage. That will end on Oct 31st, as the antenna & tower they are moving to is 1936′ height above average terrain (HAAT), and will be transmitting 1000 kW ERP. Since the new local broadcast transmitter will be able to supply the coverage needed from one location, the satellite feed will be shutdown. This means these stations will no longer be available to the C band FTA community.

As many of the free channels on c band continue to leave or encrypt owners of big dishes that are currently not a Rainier Subscriber need to make a important decision here. Do you want to be able to watch quality programming on your c band dish … or not?

Don’t let your dish turn into a birdbath. Fill it with the GOLD from Rainier!

On a much happier note. Rainier Satellite has been working hard this summer and we’re getting ready to announce the names of even more cable networks that will be launching on our Full Arc platform. We also are pleased to be able to announce a new piece of satellite hardware will be available in our store soon. stay tuned…

If you don’t have Rainier yet we welcome you to get on board. To find out more about Rainier Click Here Or call 509-486-4137 to speak with a CSR.

Catch ALL the Original Episodes of LAST MAN STANDING. With the Original Cast!

Catch all the original ABC seasons of LAST MAN STANDING with the original cast with your big dish on WGN America only from Rainier. WGN America is included in our Blue Package for only $19.99 per month. That’s $50 or more less per month than the competition. WGN America is on the 125 west satellite in ULTIMATE HD from us. WGN America is not available with FTA boxes.

Don’t have Rainier Satellite Yet? Get on Board Today  and enjoy some of the best entertainment your big dish can provide!

Already have Rainer’s Cisco D9865 receiver but your package don’t include WGN America. You can add our Blue pack Here.

If your Rainier Subscription ran out you can reconnect to Rainier Here.