No Price Increase in 2021 for our Variety Pack.

2021 is just around the corner.  All the program providers, be it little dish, cable, or iptv have sent out their notices of massive price increases in January.  Rainier Satellite vows again to not increase our Variety pack price in 2021. Its remained at the same $29.99 a month since 2018.

Rainier gives you the best bang for the buck so get rid of those high priced services. Get on board with Rainier Satellite and SAVE $$$$$$$$!.

Dish Network Removes Newsnation & WGN America. Get them back with Rainier Satellite.

Dish Network does it again! Channels continue to be removed.

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Tired of the losing channel merry go round on small dish services?

Get off the Merry Go Round, get Rainier Satellite! We offer NEWSNATION & WGN AMERICA in 100% PURE HD! The price is right too in our Variety pack for only $29.99 a month! No one beats our low price.