WGN has some exciting news!

WGN has some exciting news! On March 1, 2021, WGN America will officially rebrand as NewsNation and expand its primetime news programming to 5 hours every weeknight!

NewsNation remains committed to delivering fact-based and unbiased news, and we are looking forward to building on the solid start of the nightly news program. With this expansion, NewsNation will deliver viewers more fact-based national news and regional stories from across the U.S., as well as coverage of the day’s most important issues.

Beginning March 1, the NewsNation weeknight primetime lineup will be as follows:

  • 6-7 p.m. ET: “NewsNation Early Edition with Nichole Berlie”- Rapid fire news updates from around the country, all in one fast hour
  • 7-8 p.m. ET: “The Donlon Report” – Mix of news and interviews with today’s top newsmakers, covering the biggest stories in news, sports, entertainment and culture
  • 8-10 p.m. ET: “NewsNationPrime” – Formerly “NewsNation”, “NewsNationPrime” will continue delivering special features and complete coverage of the day’s events
  • 10-11 p.m. ET: “Banfield”- Award-winning journalist Ashleigh Banfield’s nightly talk show, with in-depth interviews with major newsmakers, politicians and celebrities

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