The Worlds Finest DISEqC Switch Now at Rainier.

Rainier is pleased to announce we now carry the finest Diseqc switch made. We tested them all and found the Televes wins hands down.

-DiSEqC 2.0.
-High-shielding Zamak chassis.
-Outstanding rejection between inputs.
-Very low through losses.
-Low current consumption.
-Supply voltage between 12 V and 20 V.

For use with our D9865D, H and B receivers, and FTA receivers.

Technical Specifications
Frequency MHz: 0 … 2400.
Through loss dB: < 2.
Rejection inputs dB: > 23.
DiSEqC signal amplitude: Vpp 0,3 … 0,9.
Power supply Vdc: 12 … 20.
Consumption mA: 30 max.
Protection level: IP 20.
DiSEqC and ToneBurst Compatible.

Upgrade to the Best Today!

Rainier Satellite Adds Court TV. Broadcasts to begin May 8th.

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce we’ve obtained the contract rights to provide Court TV to c band dish subscribers across the U.S. The relaunch of this network is scheduled for May 8th. The rebirth of Court TV is created by E.W. Scripps’ Katz Networks unit.

Court TV’s programming schedule will kick off at 9 a.m. ET with gavel-to-gavel coverage of compelling trials from around the U.S.

The morning shift on the Court TV news desk will be occupied by Yodit Tewolde. At noon, Julie Grant anchors and at 3 p.m. Seema Iyer takes over.

When courtroom action ends for the day, the network’s primetime programming cuts in with Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan airing from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Politan, who appeared on the original Court TV, is the new Court TV’s lead anchor.

Court TV has been added to our Variety and Startup packages at no extra cost. The Katz networks  which consists of Bounce, Grit, Escape, Laff,  and including Court TV will be scrambling their signals later this year to protect content. Rainier Subscribers that have active subscriptions will be able to continue to receive these when this happens. More details will be announced at that time.

Lock in your ticket for Court TV NOW!

Did you know you get Commercial Free Uncut Premium Movies for FREE with Rainier?

That’s right we said FREE! Rainier has Sony Movie Channel and Cine Sony included in our Variety Pak at the low monthly fee of $29.99. Movies channels never are extra. Are you paying $18.00 or more extra a month just to watch movies? Get Rainier and that cost is gone. But that’s not all we offer our channels in ULTIMATE HD! NO OTHER service has the ULTIMATE!

If your currently a cable, small dish, or streaming subscriber take a look at your monthly bill with all those pesky extra fees. It adds up pretty fast don’t it? Rainier never charges you these fee’s. $29.99 is what you pay per month for Variety, and that’s all you pay.

Cut that monthly high priced cord today!

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Attention Rainier Satellite Subscribers

The Playboy Plex is moving to a new satellite home. If your a Rainier subscriber please tune to the new satellite and adjust your 9865 to receive the new multiplex. Once tuned and locked your receiver will become activated in a few minutes. (picture and sound will appear) Tuning information can be found at our support center here.

If you require technical assistance with the move please call our tech dept at 509-477-9270 during business hours.

To avoid any interruption in service please transition by 5/20/2019.

Playboy TV and Playboy Esp require a subscription. If your not a subscriber you can subscribe here.