Do you really need DiSEqC dish positioners?

Our Positioners are DiSEqC Problem Free …


What is DiSEqC?

Its short for Digital Satellite Equipment Control a special communication protocol for use between a satellite receiver and a device such as a multi-dish switch or a small ku dish antenna rotor (Stab). DiSEqC was developed by European satellite provider Eutelsat.

FACT Is it needed with a big C band Dish?

Not Really. Some offshore FTA receivers claim to interface properly with its commands to move the dish with one remote control. Many times this information is incorrectly received and causes a host of problems. DISEqC protocol is sent using your coax cable. This will cause attenuation to your signal and is not recommended by Rainier. You want maximum signal going to your receiver. The best way to move a big dish is to use a DISEqC mover in manual mode.

Our Positioner’s don’t have DiSEqC circuitry and operate independently from your receiver. This setup assures no DiSEqC related problems, plus allows maximum satellite signal to your receiver for a better digital lock.

Our Mighty Mini and Primesat EZ 2000 Plus are DisEqC Problem Free.
They utilize manual mode with a simple interface, and cost less.



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Titanium Satellite ASC1 Positioner/Polarization Controller

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V-Box 7 DiSEqC Positioner/Controller

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NEW ITEM! EZ-2000 PLUS Satellite Dish Positioner

Rainier Satellite Does it again. We came up with a Low Cost Solution to move your satellite dish.  Rainier Welcomes the New Primesat EZ-2000 Plus to our webstore. This is a Rainier Satellite Exclusive.

At a time where the economy is rocky and no movers are available Rainier Satellite addresses both needs.


About the EZ-2000 Plus:


Works with all C band FTA and Subscription receivers. Why settle for something used or 240 volts from offshore, no voltage converter needed. These units are brand new and work on 110 to 120 volts AC for North America. Standard US Plug. Compatible with all kinds of Actuators and H-H mounts. Drive dish size up to 3.6m. Fine-tune function for better reception. Anti-noise circuit to avoid miscounting. Full function IR remote control. Programmable 32 Satellites Direct Entry Remote. Short-circuit protection. Output Voltage 36 VDC. Output Current 3.5A Max. Main Supply Voltage AC120V / 60Hz. Power Consumption 80W. 2 digit LED display, 4 digit LED dish moving status bar..


1 x EZ-2000 PLUS Positioner

1 x Remote Control

1 x Owners Manual

In Stock

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Item ID PS2000

Satellite Dealers, Resellers MIGHTY MINI SPECIAL!


Satellite Dealers, Resellers here’s your chance to make some big money. Purchase our 5 pack of Mighty Mini ED positioners and have them on hand to sell to your clients. These retail for $179.99 each. Be the savior to your client when their Big Dish stops moving. Limited Quantity Available.

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Got a Big Dish watching FTA? Did you know FTA misses most of the best programming available. Utilize that Big Dish to the fullest by adding Rainier Satellite’s Backyard Dish Programming.

No Contract Home Television Viewing Solutions


ONLY $69.99, our lowest price ever. Grab these before they are gone. No other dish movers remain from any dealers. This low price  is Rainier’s giveback gift to the C band industry for 10 years of great support from the good C band folk out there. HURRY LIMITED QUANTITY!

If you have a C band dish you know the importance of your dish moving to different satellites. Why take a chance of losing that. Get our Mighty Mini ED even if it’s just for a backup. They’re in stock at our Washington warehouse. And were clearing them out at a super low price.

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Works Flawlessly with Rainier or FTA systems.

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  • New Powerful 3.6 Amp Maximum Current moves up to 12 foot mesh dishes.
  • New Extra Duty Model (MMBDT-EX)
  • Power Punch for fast startup.
  • Powerful 36 Volts DC delivered to M1 & M2 terminals.
  • 10 Amp 110 VDC rated dual motor relays.
  • Compact Design. (sits next to our D9865 receivers)
  • Super Simple Installation Setup.
  • One Button Direct Satellite Tuning.
  • 32 Direct Entry Satellite positions.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Compatible with any Actuator including H to H using a reed, hall, or optical sensor.
  • 5 volt rear terminal for optical sensor.
  • Electronic Overload Protection.
  • Anti-miscounting design.
  • Large “easy to read” Green LED Display.
  • LED bars show dish movement direction.
  • Full Size Remote and buttons, 37 Keys. Easy to use.
  • Countdown memory clear reset function.
  • Full Function IR remote control.
  • Dimensions 3.75″ L, 11.0″ D, 3.75″ H.
  • AC Voltage in, 115v 60 Hz.



From Bill a Happy Rainier Satellite Customer in Florida.

“This is a review about Rainier Satellites  product, the Mighty Mini big dish mover. I ordered the MMBDT-EX model . It replaces their Pansat AP-600 I was using. The AP-600 has served me well, and still works fine. Though being the kind of guy that likes to be on the cutting edge of technology I needed to check out Rainier’s latest achievement.

Unboxing the Mighty Mini I was surprised at size of the unit. Anyone who used trackers back in the day were always greeted with a large boxy unit, this is not the case here. The Mighty Mini is slender but long. Its height is approximately a half inch taller than Rainier’s D9865 receiver. Don’t let the small size fool you this thing has some serious guts. Sitting next to the D9865 it takes up less space than the 4DTV or an analog IRD’s did. This is great since it easily fits in rack space you had allocated for a IRD such as the 4DTV. You don’t need to spend hours figuring out where you’re going to install it. I can see Rainier did their homework with the units sizing making it a great match for your entertainment center and to work nicely alongside their D9865 receiver.

Hooking up the unit is simple. As with most mover installs you have four wires. Two heavy wires for the motor itself and two for the sensor. I use Rainiers 36 inch Venture actuator with my 10 foot Winegard dish. Venture uses the most common reed sensor.  So four wires are only needed.

The paperwork states the unit can work with all three type of sensors. Reed, hall effect and optical. There’s a 5 volt terminal for 5 wire optical setup, something you don’t see usually. It’s great Rainier made this option available without additional accessories required.

The terminals on the rear are spring clip type for easy connection. I would recommend stripping your wires down to get some clean strands then twist them well before inserting them. If you want to go that extra mile and know how to solder, tinning the leads will keep the strands together. This is what I do. Make sure your connections are firmly seated inside the spring clips. The top center and right are for motor 1 and 2. The bottom center and right are for your reed sensor. The other two terminals top right supplies 5 volts for optical sensors. Bottom right is ground for your shield or drain wire if needed. From my experience, this may or may not be required. Sometimes counting accuracy is better with it connected or disconnected. Your mileage may vary. My past installs of movers always works better without the drain wire connected. This too was the case with the Mighty Mini. Some claim to connect the drain wire at the actuator itself. I never needed to. Your install could be different. Do whatever works best for you. At this point I stress double checking your connections to make sure you have no stray strands shorting or touching what they shouldn’t. If when you try to move your the dish first time the dish goes the wrong way all you need to do is reverse M1 and M2.

The next step I did was to go out to the dish and remove the cover at the actuator itself. I recommended to clean up the connections there if it’s been a while. Clip the wires strip and twist the strands then reconnect them. This can go a long way with avoiding electrical problems because of dirty connections. Make sure nothing is shorting or any stray strands are showing.

The following step is very important so don’t ignore it. You will need to set your mechanical limit switches at your actuator if not done already. Rainier includes instructions for the Venture actuator with the Mighty Mini. You can use this as a guide or contact your arm manufacturer for specific instructions. The reason this step is so important is because you don’t want your dish driven into a wall, ground etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

To set the mechanical limits go to the mighty mini plug it in and power it up. Using the arrow keys on the bottom of the remote press them to see if the dish moves, and in the right direction with the corresponding arrows. East (right) West (left) is what I used. If it works backwards reverse M1 and M2 on the Mighty Mini. If you get a E2 error or something else you have something connected wrong. Recheck all connections and try again.  At this point the dish should be moving. Move the dish to where you want your east and west travel to stop, then set the cam inside the actuator motor to disconnect the electric. Once your satisfied button up the cover and make sure its weather tight.

It was now time to come inside and begin programming the mover. Move your dish to the west till it stops. Now perform a reset of the unit. This is performed by pushing the reset button on the remote and holding. A countdown will commence. 10.. 9.. 8.. etc …. 2 .. 1 then two dashes will show. This shows the reset was successful. This flushes the internal counter and wipes any old or corrupt data Rainier’s tech support told me. Power off the Mighty Mini with the remote then on again, a small zero will show on the display. The first satellite I wanted in there was 133 west. I entered into my D9865 to the parameters for EWTN as shown on lyngsat. Then slowly moved the dish to the east till I got a lock. I then bumped the dish east and west for maximum signal quality.

It was now time to store Galaxy 15, 133 west in the mover. To do this you press and hold store for 2 seconds the display on the unit rotates to the right, press a key 1 to 32 to store. I picked 1 for 133 west. The 1 flashed then went steady. This told me It was successfully stored.  I then proceeded to the east using the same method for all the satellites I needed. 131 was 2, 127 was 3, 125 was 4 and so on. Once I got to 87 west I was done programming since I don’t need anything east  of that. If you want to you can continue till all 32 direct presets are full.

Now came the fun part seeing how accurate it is. I told the Mighty Mini to go to preset 3, 125 west. This was done simply by pressing the number 3 key on the remote. The unit clicked and the dish started moving to the west as indicated by the 4 lines moving to the right on the display. I confirmed by eyeballing the dish itself. The unit stopped and the number 3 appeared. I told the D9865 to acquire my preset for Newsmax. It was a success and checked my quality. The number was high and steady so she accurately returned to what I stored Newsmax started playing. Before becoming too involved in the whats going on I decided to check to see that all my programmed satellites were targeted well. I was happy to see they were. I stepped through them one at a time pulling up the Rainier channels checking quality.

That told me the Mighty Mini is accurate.  If I ever need to touch a satellite position up (which can happen from time to time I seen over the years) all I need to do is bump the dish position to peak the quality number and resave that preset.

One nice feature of the Mighty Mini is if for some reason you need to stop the dish in mid travel just hit any preset key. This will abort movement. To continue just hit the desired key you want.

All in all I’m very satisfied with the Mighty Mini ED. Rainier has a winner here. Something to be said for doing things right. I commend Rainier for all the hours of hours of hard work they put in in selling another winner.

The Mighty Mini ED works with FTA receivers too so if you own one of those it will work just fine for you.”

You can purchase the Mighty Mini ED by clicking the button below.


Big Dish Positioners In Stock! SAVE MORE TODAY!

Looking for a satellite dish positioner for your big dish? Look no further. Rainier Satellite is now the only company offering a positioner. All other vendors are sold out of any products. Due to very high costs to get new units built, shipping costs, and supply chain issues, the chance of V Box’s and ASC-1’s coming back is not likely. If you have a c band dish you know the importance of having your dish move, why take a chance of losing that. Get our Mighty Mini ED even if it’s just for a backup.  They’re in stock at our Washington warehouse. We have a good amount in stock . And now they have a lower Inflation Buster price.

You don’t want to end up using this to move your dish.



New ED 2022 Updated Model.
More Horsepower Under the Hood.
Moves up to 12 foot mesh dishes effortlessly.
Extra Duty High 3.6 Amp Design.

Get your big dish connected to the world’s best mini tracker available on the market today. Improved for 2022. The New Rainier Satellite Mighty Mini Extra Duty supplies a powerful 36 volt high 3.6 maximum amperage current peak to your actuator for high torque accurate flawless movement. This is the highest amperage consumer positioner made today. Forget the low amp V Box, our Mighty Mini ED runs rings around it. Features a two digit numeric LED positional display so you know exactly where your dish is pointing. Four LED bar display operate in sequence to give quick indication to direction dish is traveling. Storing satellites is simple, press one button that’s it. Finding your favorite satellite locations is quick and easy with our direct remote keypad one button operation. Safety stop feature stops dish movement instantly by touching any key on the remote. The Mighty Mini can store up to 32 direct entry satellite positions in its non-volatile memory. Power outages can’t wipe it out. Includes a fine quality full size IR remote. 115 volt AC operation. Replaces the Mighty Mini SD and HD.

You also can pay with Rainier’s new option PayPal Pay in 4 to spread out the payments if you need to.





If you’re a dealer wishing to sell our Mighty Mini Positioner or other products call us at 509-486-4137 for dealer options and pricing. (eligibility required)


New Product! 4×8 Powered 18 volt Ortho Logic Switch


Using a Ortho feed? Insert the right voltage to power both LNB’s properly for maximum signal. No more starving your vertical polarity with 14 volts. The Rainier 4×8 switch provides the logic control needed for up to 8 receivers. It sends 18 volts to up to 4 LNB’s for c or C/ku operation. Logic control accepts 14 /18 switching input for 0k or 22k tone operation. Use our D9865 and Linkbox or other FTA receivers at the same time. Includes 4X8 multiswitch, AC /DC linear power supply module, and F to F adapter. Order today.

Did You Know? If you’re using a FTA receiver it only sends 14 volts to the vertical LNB. This low voltage will not allow your LNB to operate well and receive signals properly. Fix it with Rainier’s 4X8 multiswitch solution.

Did You Know? That LNBF’s dont give the same performance as dedicated LNB’s with an ortho feedhorn. Dump the lossy LNBF today and see the difference.

See our Ortho Feeds and LNB’s Here

-Necessary Add On For All FTA Receivers Using Ortho Feed.

-Can be used with the Rainier Cisco D9865 receiver for improved performance.

-Use with our Linkbox 500i FTA/IP receiver.

-Increase performance of your receiver.

-Lock unlockable signals.

-Provides proper 18 volts to each LNB connected.

-Receive weak signals.

-Connect up to 8 receivers using the same dish.

-Powers up to 4 LNB’s, C & Ku.

-Covers 950-2150 MHz.