Mighty Mini Positioner stock running low. Order Today!

Attention C band satellite dish users. Due to high demand of our Mighty Mini Positioner our stock is running low. If you need a mover controller  Order Today!

When there gone they’re gone! Unfortunately due to the high cost of replenishing stock in today’s highly inflated economy, Rainier will not be ordering a new lot once our current stock is depleted.

Works Flawlessly with Rainier or FTA systems.

Was:  $179.99

SAVE 14%

NEW 2023 Lower Inflation Buster
Price:   Only $155.99 + Shipping


  • New Powerful 3.6 Amp Maximum Current moves up to 12 foot mesh dishes.
  • New Extra Duty Model (MMBDT-EX)
  • Power Punch for fast startup.
  • Powerful 36 Volts DC delivered to M1 & M2 terminals.
  • 10 Amp 110 VDC rated dual motor relays.
  • Compact Design. (sits next to our D9865 receivers)
  • Super Simple Installation Setup.
  • One Button Direct Satellite Tuning.
  • 32 Direct Entry Satellite positions.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Compatible with any Actuator including H to H using a reed, hall, or optical sensor.
  • 5 volt rear terminal for optical sensor.
  • Electronic Overload Protection.
  • Anti-miscounting design.
  • Large “easy to read” Green LED Display.
  • LED bars show dish movement direction.
  • Full Size Remote and buttons, 37 Keys. Easy to use.
  • Countdown memory clear reset function.
  • Full Function IR remote control.
  • Dimensions 3.75″ L, 11.0″ D, 3.75″ H.
  • AC Voltage in, 115v 60 Hz.


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