5G Interference Issues Continue

Commercial  Satellite Downlink Operators, Backyard Dish Owners.


While many have been focused on the 5G C-Band interference issues with commercial airline altimeters, there is also an issue with these same signals interfering with satellite downlinks. In many territories, there is only a 20 MHz guard band between 5G C-Band signals and satellite downlinks which is even less than the guard band for altimeters in most cases.

The Satellite Interference Reduction Group survey stated:​

  • 93% of SAT operators experience interference issues > 1x/year​
  • 50% of operators experience interference > 1x per month​
  • 17% of operators see interference issues continuously in their day-to-day operations

The addition of a bandpass filter in front of the LNB will probably be needed in many cases and would help with other types of interference from other satellites over lapping into the line of sight of ground stations.

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