Many not happy with the way Programming Center is handling the July 31st shutdown of 4DTV.

Rainier Satellite has had many phone calls from people inquiring about our service that are not happy with the way Programming Center, SRL is handling the 4DTV shutdown.

As of this writing they have not posted anything on their website about the shutdown, but do tell phone callers its the end on July 31st. They also refuse to give a good faith nod in the direction of Rainier Satellite as an option for continued use of their c band system, to the soon to be c band orphans.

Many that call us about our offerings inform us they found us by only looking at the internet under C band satellite programming. We have been told that when they inquire about any options beyond July 31st they are told NO there are none, C band is dead. While Rainier does not really expect Programming Center to say anything about us.  Its a bad way to exit the C band market and treat the loyal subscribers they had for many many years with this misinformation. Programming Center is exiting in bad faith just like NPS did in 2010. While this may seem okay to them, is it fair to the soon to be C band orphan to be treated this way?  We at Rainier do not treat our customers like this and go out of our way to make them happy. We treat our customers with respect and dignity.

If you are a soon to be c band orphan, One month or less is left to D day, Rainier is here for you the loyal C band subscriber that wants to keep their c band dish active with entertainment. The facts are this. Our contracts with programmers are for 5 years. We have 19 contracts with big name programmers that will allow us many more channels in the near future. Were not going away anytime soon and are dedicated to C Band!

If you have any questions about our service you can contact us at: 509-486-4137 or our Tech Line at: 509-477-9270 or e-mail us at:

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The rush has started as July 31 shutdown of 4DTV nears. More access to Rainier Satellite added.

Due to an explosive interest in Rainier Satellite Pure HD Full Arc Platform C band satellite service, with the growing numbers of new sign up’s due to the July 31st shutdown of the 4DTV H2H service. Rainier Satellite is now accepting technical support question calls about our service from future sign up’s to our service at our Technical Support Line support line too, due to the high call volume at our normal customer support / sales phone number. Our technical support group can be reached at 509-477-9270.

Also to help answer common / general questions our News Blog here also has been adding answers to many popular questions asked us to help serve you better. If you can’t find the answer in the news blog feel free to give us a call at our tech line or 509-486-4137 line.

You can also contact one of our authorized dealers for new systems or upgrades to your current system. See the growing dealer list HERE

We like to at this time stop and say, WELCOME to all our new subscribers, and THANK YOU for making Rainier Satellite a continued success.


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Dish Network Loses NFL NETWORK. Get it With Rainier in PURE MASTER HD!


As of June 16th 7 PM EST Dish Network has lost NFL  NETWORK. Press Release

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Rainier Satellites Master Broadcast Services are provided on our FULL ARC PLATFORM. This means your dish must move freely across the satellite arc. If your actuator hasn’t moved for a while, such as stuck on the 105w X4 4DTV HITS service (shutting down July 31st 2016) you need to see if your dish still moves and correct if necessary. This is imperative to receive the PURE HD signal that Rainier Satellite provides. More info…

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Oregon Dealer Now Installing Rainier Satellite Systems.

Oregon residents your in luck. Rainier Satellite welcomes D&D Satellite of NE Salem to our growing approved dealer network. Since 1980 they have been installing  satellite systems.  Give them a call today.


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Connecting your 4DTV to our Receiver is Simple.

Rainier Satellite has received many phone calls on how do I hook my 4DTV to the Cisco Rainier receiver?

Its really simple, just follow the instructions in this PDF file

using our hookup kit included with our upgrade package.

All that is left then is to connect the HDMI output to your HDTV, and setup the receiver and your subscription with us.

As a Rainier customer you can call our Technical Assistance Hotline for help at: 509 477-9270 free of charge. Please have your name and UA number ready when calling.

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