Got a Big Dish? Where are you going to go for TV Programming / Internet?

Do you own a Big c band Dish? Were you a subscriber with Skyvision, Programming Center, or National Programming Service “NPS”? Well those companies once big names in the big dish market are no more. They no longer can address your TV programming needs.

But you’re in luck, a small company started in 2013 by a few old time c band enthusiasts saw the writing on the wall and stepped up to the plate just for you the c band dish user. Born was Rainier Satellite LLC out of Washington state.

Rainier is the only provider out there for TV programming for your big dish. We have Exclusive Rights for delivery of cable TV programming to C band dish owners.

Rainier has been growing steadily over the years offering satellite TV products and TV programming for the DTH market. But that’s not all. Were keeping up with the latest technology too. Rainier is getting ready to launch Satellite delivered internet in addition to our satellite TV service.

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Tired of being BURNED by those FTA Dealers!

Have you been burned by these guys??? Are you a consumer who got sucked in by a fast talking salesmen or shill on their forums and bought some of those cheap FTA products they offer such as receivers,  LNBFs, paper thin mesh dishes etc etc?

Has the hardware / software updates (such as blind scan, picture breakup problems etc) promised not happening and or won’t? Has support for your product been dropped? Have you gotten little or no support with issues from the dealer? Has the product you got been misrepresented by the seller? Has your product broke or died? Have the FTA channels promised by the dealer been scrambling? Are you left with holes in your pocketbook no TV and a mess? ALL IS NOT LOST!

Let Rainier come to the Rescue. Give us a call at 509-486-4137. We can address your current situation and get you back on track with only high quality products and programming.

And when your a Rainier customer you get FREE full phone tech support for all the products and services you purchased from us. You can count on us to be there to address your concerns not only at point of sale, but in the future too. We take good care of our customers and appreciate having the opportunity to serve them. We’ve earned a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with excellent customer support and relations.

Give us a shout today at 509-486-4137. Were here to help. You’ll be glad you did.

Rainier Satellite… Were the Future of the Big Dish, and Multi Platform Multimedia / Telecommunications.

Rainier looks to the future with continued growth.

2 years ago the future of c band television looked pretty bleak as the last 4DTV provider shut their doors. But due to dedication, diligence, and hard work by the folks at Rainier, this prophecy was never fulfilled. In fact Rainier continues to grow. We added 13 channels to our c band platform in the first 2 quarters of 2018 alone. If you were a 4D subscriber and went the FTA route you probably noticed channels have been going away lately due to encyption. This trend will continue as the networks need to protect the copyright of provided content.

If you went the small dish or cable route prices continue to skyrocket.

Had enough of it yet? We have the answer. If you still have your c band dish there is no better time to get on board with Rainier. Fill it back up and enjoy TV and pricing as it was meant to be…

But there is more Good News on the horizon! Rainier has been busy getting ready to expand our operations to become a telecommunications giant. There is a lot happening in telecommunications these days and Rainier is looking to grow with this bright future. Much more is coming from Rainier beyond the backyard dish market soon. Stay tuned for details as we move Rainier into the Next Generation.


Katz HD Networks Officially Launched on Rainier Platform

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce the addition of the KATZ 4 Networks now  launched to our full arc platform.  These are available with both our starter package and blue packages.

We are proud to be the exclusive licensed C band distributor of these networks. Thank you e-Scripps for providing us the carriage agreement. We wish a warm welcome to you. Thank you for becoming part of the growing Rainier family of channels.

The Secret is out. Rainier gives you more…

Rainier Subscribers can find technical details to program these in your Rainier 9865 under support on our website, or you can contact Rainier Tech Support at 509-477-9270.

Don’t have Rainier Satellite? 

Exclusive c band distribution rights to 4 E-Scripps HD diginet’s.

Rainier Satellite has finalized our exclusive rights agreement to distribute to the backyard dish market four of the E-Scripps networks purchased from Katz Broadcasting in 2017. Uplinking of these networks in HD is actively testing on the 97 west satellite. These channels will be encrypting soon (just as ION recently did) and only be available to the backyard dish market via the Rainier subscription platform.

These networks will be available in both our starter package and blue packages. Rainier Satellite is pleased to have been able to work out this agreement with E-Scripps and become the leader in providing diginet’s to the backyard dish market.  Many c band dish owners are in remote area’s and not served by broadcast stations who carry these on a subchannel. Rainier Satellite is pleased to be able to fill this void. Rainier also offers these in Ultimate HD, not available with dot .2 over the air channels.
Official launch date to be announced soon.

FTA channels continue to diminish. Don’t be caught with a non usable fta receiver and dish.


Attention Rainier Satellite Subscribers!

ARCA Racing Live in Ultimate HD!

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce the ARCA Motorsports events are now available with your C band dish in Ultimate HD (Master Broadcast) only available with Rainier.

Events can be seen on the 125W Satellite, home of MAVTV motorsports network.


Friday 6/8 5:30 PM EST
ARCA LIVE: 2018 – Michigan Int’l Speedway – Brooklyn, MI

Friday 6/8 8:30 PM EST
ARCA LIVE: 2018 – Michigan Int’l Speedway – Brooklyn, MI

Friday 6/15 9:00 PM EST
ARCA LIVE: 2018 – Madison Int’l Speedway – Oregon, WI

The ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards is an American stock car series, the premier division of the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA). A professional stock car tour, used as a feeder series into the three national touring series of NASCAR, ARCA hosts events at a variety of track types including super speedways, road courses, and dirt tracks.

Note: MAVTV is a subscription service and is offered with a subscription to our Blue Package. It is not available FTA. You can get our Blue package for just $19.99 a month.  Our D9865 receiver is required. Cable and small dish systems require a high price package to get a compressed non quality version of MAVTV. MAVTV is not available with Dish Network.

Not a Rainier subscriber yet???

Don’t miss out on anymore of the great action in Ultimate HD!

Is your big dish living up to its full potential? Great News, Rainier Offers More!

Do  you own a big dish? Are you getting all you can out of it? If you don’t have Rainier your losing out.

Rainier is the key to great entertainment. We offer what No-One else can for C band. More Channels and More Great Entertainment Choices. If you currently have a FTA receiver your getting a handful of channels, most that you can get with an rooftop TV Antenna. Most free to air TV plays old reruns that are 40 to 50 years old over and over. Live sporting events that one time could be found in the clear are mostly scrambled today and no longer available. Feed finder website reports keep turning up the same message “ENCRYPTED”. Big Networks such as ION have scrambled, this trend continues. While the FTA offerings are shrinking the offerings from Rainier are growing.Another Great Reason to get Rainier!

GREAT NEWS! Rainier is now offering more Big Name Racing events.

FOX Sports and MAVTV have teamed up for full ARCA Racing Series television coverage.

Fans of the ARCA Racing Series will enjoy the most comprehensive television package in the storied history of the division in 2018. For years, FOX Sports has broadcast a handful of events, usually in conjunction with Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series weekends, leaving the action-packed short track stand-alone races with minimal coverage. In addition to those FOX Sports events, MAVTV has picked up 12 other races this season, 11 of them airing live on the all-motorsports cable network.

Eleven of the 12 races will be live on MAVTV this season, the second year of a three-year broadcast agreement with ARCA. The 2018 broadcast package includes the first superspeedway event scheduled for live coverage on the MAVTV Motorsports Network from Michigan International Speedway, Friday afternoon, June 8. Don’t Miss Out Get Rainier Today!

MAV-TV (one of Rainiers flagship networks) is offered in Ultimate HD on the 125 west satellite. Mav-TV is Encrypted and not available with a FTA receiver. MAVTV can be found in our Blue Package for only $19.99 a month.

Make the most out of your big Dish. Order Rainier Today!

Important Note: Third party 9865 receivers such as AFN receivers or others found on Ebay, etc cannot be authorized for our channels. Due to contract agreements with the programmers only Genuine Rainier Pool D9865 receivers (purchased from Rainier Satellite) can be authorized for our subscription services. There are no exceptions.

Antenna TV Survey (Please Participate)

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SURVEY: Do Your Receive Antenna TV from a TV Antenna?

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Looking for Great TV for your C band Dish?

Do you own a big satellite dish and tired of nothing to watch?
Are you a cable  or small dish subscriber and tired of paying over $100 a month?
Were you a 4DTV subscriber and your programming ended in 2016?


Just look at the EXCELLENT PROGRAMMING you can get from one of our channels….

Superstation WGN is available in our basic blue package for only $19.95 a month.
Rainier Satellite is the Exclusive C band Big Dish Provider.

  See it all in ULTIMATE HD… 4K-TV Friendly.


But that’s not all. You also get coverage of the World Champion Chicago Cubs, and White Sox with WGN.


The secret is out. C band TV is back and better than ever with Rainier. It all starts for as little as $4.99 a month. If you don’t have Rainier yet your missing out on the best programming available for your Big Dish. Stop sitting around already and get on board.

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Rainier Satellite, We stepped up to the plate and made a difference.
Were the future of C band.

What Rainier Offers for C band that Others Don’t?

When looking for C Band Products and Entertainment Rainier has it all.

MORE CHANNELS... Get the Picture with Rainier
Exclusive C Band Subscription TV and Free TV with our D9865 Receivers.

Only Rainier Satellite can sell and authorize C band subscription TV channels for your Big Dish. Programming Center, Skyvision and NPS are out of business. Rainier has brought back all the fun.

and other products for C band…

Send 9865’s Picture and Sound to multiple rooms including your OTA local channels…



PHONE BASED Tech Support… Rainier is there to help even after the sale.


Rainier has a A+ Rating and is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau…

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Rainier Has it ALL! Programming, Quality Products, Integrity…
Get on Board Today. Were the Future of C band.