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Get your big dish connected to the world’s best mini tracker available on the market today. The Rainier Satellite Mighty Mini supplies a powerful 36 volt high amperage current to your actuator for high torque accurate flawless movement. Features a two digit numeric LED positional display so you know exactly where your dish is pointing. Four LED bar display operate in sequence to give quick indication to direction dish is traveling. Storing satellites is simple, press one button that’s it. Finding your favorite satellite locations is quick and easy with our direct remote keypad one button operation. Safety stop feature stops dish movement instantly by touching any key on the remote. The Mighty Mini can store up to 32 direct entry satellite positions in its non-volatile memory. Power outages can’t wipe it out. Includes a fine quality full size IR remote. 115 volt AC operation.

Read the Mighty Mini’s Review Here


Two New Networks Coming July 1st to Rainier Satellite

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce two new channels are coming to our c band platform. They will be rolling out July 1st on the 103 west satellite.

True Real will serve women ages 25-54 and their strong interest in can’t-stop-watching, unscripted drama that’s surprising and true. True Real will feature such off-network shows as “Storage Wars,” “Married at First Sight,” “Hoarders,” “Little Women: LA” and more.

Defy TV will reach men ages 25-54, celebrating the fascinating people living life to the fullest by being who they want to be and doing what they want to do. Its programming will include off-network series such as “Pawn Stars,” “Forged in Fire,” “American Pickers,” “The Curse of Oak Island” and more.

These new channels are part of EW Scripps the parent company of Katz Networks that now provides you with Grit, Laff, Court TV, Court Mystery and Bounce. Rainier Satellite is pleased to be able to add these to our growing channel lineup.

You can add these to your Rainier D9865 satellite receiver using the following parameters.

SES 3, 103 West,  Horizontal Polarity
Modulation Type: DVB-S2
Downlink: 4040
Symbol Rate: 30000
NetID: 0
True Real: CH 216
Defy: CH 217

The Katz Networks also are simulcasting in this mux with ION TV to add to your viewing enjoyment.

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