Why Streaming TV don’t work.

Your all excited, you cut the cord! You got a smart TV or streaming box. You’re looking forward to a great experience for next to nothing. So you sit down and launch your streaming app of choice. All of a sudden you get a message telling you it can’t connect, retry… ok.

Streaming TV Unreliable

So you retry, it gives you the same message again and again, your like what the hell. You check everything, run a speed test. Humm.. internet is giving good speed whats going on. So you try again, and the same occurs. Your excitement quickly turns to disappointment. You say screw it, I try again later.  Later comes, same scenario. As the days progress your met with hit and miss of actually connecting or working properly. You quickly learn that streaming TV is not what its promised to be. Its not a great experience!

Let’s look under the hood of streaming TV for the truth that’s never told to you. There’s only so much bandwidth available. So if your not lucky enough to get an open slot with the service provider and enough bandwidth from them to make it work right, you get screwed. Servers do have limitations! You have no option but to give up and hope to come back at a less busy time to possibly watch TV. Not very enjoyable is it? Do you want to really want to keep dealing with this? If the answer is no read on.

If you want your TV viewing experience 100% Reliable you need to look no further then Rainier Satellite TV. We’re there when you need us the most! Be it rain or shine, day or night. There’s never any bandwidth issues, because we don’t rely on limited resources. Our resources are unlimited 24/7 – 365. We use the broadcasters backbone system that has to keep working no matter what! Ready to make the switch yet? Check us out Today!

Rainier Satellite TV 100% Reliable

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No Programming Price increase for 2021, a letter from the President.

It’s great to be a Rainier Satellite subscriber in 2021.

A letter from Rainier Satellites President.

Good Day to all our valued subscribers,

Hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. We know these are trying times financially for many and Rainier satellite is going that extra mile to ease the burden. As many know it’s normal for all pay TV providers to have an annual increase in programming prices the first quarter of the year.  Rainier is breaking that rule for our consumer platform for 2021. Even though our yearly programming costs, addition of channels, and business operations have cost us more lately, as President of Rainier Satellite I’ve made the decision to eat those costs and freeze our programming prices to our valued customers for 2021. We know you value the entertainment we provide for you, and want you to be able to afford and enjoy this entertainment during these trying times.

I’d also like to let you know if you’re having problems making your renewal payment all at once Rainier Satellite offers Paypal Credit to help you defer that cost.  There is no Interest if paid in full in 6 months with Paypal Credit. See our website to apply for Paypal credit.

If you have any questions about your account or services you can always call us at 509-486-4137 during business  hours  Monday  –  Friday. 10 Am- 6 Pm PST to speak to a live agent.

Till next time, Best Regards,

Robert Scharmann
President Rainier Satellite LLC

Did you know you get Commercial Free Uncut Premium Movies for FREE with Rainier?

That’s right we said FREE! Rainier has Sony Movie Channel and Cine Sony included in our Variety Pak at the low monthly fee of $29.99. Movies channels never are extra. Are you paying $18.00 or more extra a month just to watch movies? Get Rainier and that cost is gone. But that’s not all we offer our channels in ULTIMATE HD! NO OTHER service has the ULTIMATE!

If your currently a cable, small dish, or streaming subscriber take a look at your monthly bill with all those pesky extra fees. It adds up pretty fast don’t it? Rainier never charges you these fee’s. $29.99 is what you pay per month for Variety, and that’s all you pay.

Cut that monthly high priced cord today!

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Tired of spinning your wheels being stuck in the mud when it comes to your TV provider?

Do the following questions sound like the experience with your TV provider?

Tired of going round and round with your cable or satellite TV provider?

Tired of when calling your TV provider being farmed out to some foreign agent in a foreign land you can’t understand?

Tired of paying extra or hidden fees monthly?

Tired of high priced bills?

Tired of contracts?

Tired of lies, poor equipment, or poor support?

Tired of contract disputes where you lose channels you’ve paid for?
(C band satellite in its history never had a contract dispute)

Sick and tired of the corporate greed that run these big media companies?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you’re ready to fire your current provider and get on board with Rainier Satellite.

Rainier Satellite is a U.S. based Satellite TV company that cares about the customer. You will always speak with a friendly U.S. based agent that is easy to understand and there to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We go that extra mile to make your experience with us a pleasant one.

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Where do you buy your TV Entertainment from?

You shouldn’t buy your TV entertainment from where you buy your meat, but many do.

If you buy from the above mentioned providers (and many more) you’re not getting what you pay for, and probably don’t even know it. Let us inform you.

You don’t settle for LOW Quality meats so why should you settle when it comes to your TV viewing. Let Rainier Satellite come to your rescue. GET HIGH QUALITY ULTIMATE HDTV! With Rainier you get 100% of what you pay for, not 20%!

Got a HD or 4K TV? Then Rainier is essential!

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