Why Streaming TV don’t work.

Your all excited, you cut the cord! You got a smart TV or streaming box. You’re looking forward to a great experience for next to nothing. So you sit down and launch your streaming app of choice. All of a sudden you get a message telling you it can’t connect, retry… ok.

Streaming TV Unreliable

So you retry, it gives you the same message again and again, your like what the hell. You check everything, run a speed test. Humm.. internet is giving good speed whats going on. So you try again, and the same occurs. Your excitement quickly turns to disappointment. You say screw it, I try again later.  Later comes, same scenario. As the days progress your met with hit and miss of actually connecting or working properly. You quickly learn that streaming TV is not what its promised to be. Its not a great experience!

Let’s look under the hood of streaming TV for the truth that’s never told to you. There’s only so much bandwidth available. So if your not lucky enough to get an open slot with the service provider and enough bandwidth from them to make it work right, you get screwed. Servers do have limitations! You have no option but to give up and hope to come back at a less busy time to possibly watch TV. Not very enjoyable is it? Do you want to really want to keep dealing with this? If the answer is no read on.

If you want your TV viewing experience 100% Reliable you need to look no further then Rainier Satellite TV. We’re there when you need us the most! Be it rain or shine, day or night. There’s never any bandwidth issues, because we don’t rely on limited resources. Our resources are unlimited 24/7 – 365. We use the broadcasters backbone system that has to keep working no matter what! Ready to make the switch yet? Check us out Today!

Rainier Satellite TV 100% Reliable

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