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Looking for Great TV for your C band Dish?

Do you own a big satellite dish and tired of nothing to watch?
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Superstation WGN is available in our basic blue package for only $19.95 a month.
Rainier Satellite is the Exclusive C band Big Dish Provider.

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The secret is out. C band TV is back and better than ever with Rainier. It all starts for as little as $4.99 a month. If you don’t have Rainier yet your missing out on the best programming available for your Big Dish. Stop sitting around already and get on board.

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What Rainier Offers for C band that Others Don’t?

When looking for C Band Products and Entertainment Rainier has it all.

MORE CHANNELS... Get the Picture with Rainier
Exclusive C Band Subscription TV and Free TV with our D9865 Receivers.

Only Rainier Satellite can sell and authorize C band subscription TV channels for your Big Dish. Programming Center, Skyvision and NPS are out of business. Rainier has brought back all the fun.

and other products for C band…

Send 9865’s Picture and Sound to multiple rooms including your OTA local channels…



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ALL THUMBS with the BIG DISH? It Just Got EASY to get Rainier up and running fast.

Not mechanically inclined? Don’t know the first thing about installing or repairing the big dish? No worries Rainier has made it simple for you.

We now have an active dealer database search service that lists both Rainier Authorized Dealers and third party dealers that work on C band systems. It covers the 48 continental United States. All dealers have at least 20 years experience in C band  so you won’t be getting some small dish or hobbyist boy genius that will screw things up.


Were the Future of C Band Satellite.

Not Technical? Make it Simple to get up and running!

Are you all thumbs when trying to work on your dish???   Rainier is about to MAKE IT SIMPLE for you to get up and running FAST! Details coming soon, Stay tuned…

D9865D Price increase. Introducing the NEW 2018 Encore D9865H version.

As of March 31 2018 the D9865D receivers daily price has increased. This is due to a price increase from Cisco. We have no control over this and our stores price is adjusted accordingly.

Our One Time Only D9865D Low Sale Price has ended. Thank You all for making this sale an overwhelming success.

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As Rainier hates price increases as much as you do, to stay competitive with our past daily costs we have launched a NEW 2018 updated Encore version receiver to our product line at similar past daily cost.

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Do you like Superstations?

If you answered YES Rainier’s Got them with more on the way. Rainier Satellite has recently acquired WGNA and WGN Sports and added them as an ADD-ON service to our growing list of channels. These are available as of this writing for the low cost of $1.66 a month. Take a look whats on.

See the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls and Blackhawks on WGN Sports part of your WGN subscription.

But that’s not all. Rainier Satellite is working on other Superstations from different cities to be added (details coming soon)

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In Search of the Best Stand Alone Satellite Dish Mover.

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce we are now a dealer for and selling the Best Quality solid well built, bug free mover made today, the Pansat AP 600.

AP 600

We have tested them all, from the low cost V box 7, V box II, and all the off names of the V box family.  To the high cost Titanium ASC-1, They all fell short of the quality and robustness we were looking for.

The V Box family had issues, it failed in cold climates,  under continuous use, or moving  8 foot larger, or heavier dishes. We could not settle or justify selling a product to our customers with these multiple issues.

We also tested the Titanium ASC-1 but were quickly disappointed  by its problems. Most noted its runaway motor control, (it quickly runs your dish to the end of its travel by itself when an incorrect key is pushed, or senses something incorrectly) This is dangerous, and can ruin dishes (dish flip) and actuators (bent arms).   Other bugs and problems cropped up too, too many to mention here.  Once again, we  were just not satisfied with it nor could endorse,  or sell a product like this to our customers.

We needed something that was guaranteed to work well under all conditions and not buggy for our customers. We took the same into consideration when finding a receiver for our services.  It must work and work well, this is our goal. Rainier Satellite prides itself on selling only quality fully tested products.

So what was Left?

We needed a product that would  work as well as the 4DTV or other  quality built C band satellite receivers tracker did, bug free. Well the AP 600 actually does just that. It performs flawless, and is bug free. We are very happy with its solid robust performance.

If you look under the AP 600’s hood its build on the old school  electronic design just like the old satellite receivers which worked so well.

(AP-600 below)

AP-600 Inside. Notice the High Amperage Transformer and spaced out parts design layout. This layout provides cooler running operation for long life.

Its a breath of fresh air to see something built with the old school  design quality (AP-600) and integrity that served C band so well for many years.

Everything today seems to be based on low cost cheap robotic sub-mini design. (ASC-1 example below)

ASC-1 robotic sub-mini cramped parts design. This design is prone to heat issues.
Sub-mini robotic design using surface mount devices. This get hot fast.
Sub-mini robotic design using surface mount devices. This gets hot fast.

Or uses cheap underrated parts like the V Box family. Inside the V-Box models you can see the cheaply made poor design with its under rated transformer.

Poor design V Box
Low cost design on V Box models. The V boxes are prone to heat failure with its underrated transformer and underrated parts.
Close up of V box shows its cramped design that runs hot.
Close up of V Box circuit design shows its cramped design that runs hot.

Which unit would you choose?

More about The AP 600.

The AP600 supplies 36 volts to your actuator for quick flawless movement. It features a four digit alpha-numeric LED positional display so you know exactly where your dish is pointing. Finding your favorite satellite locations is quick and easy. The AP600 can store up to 99 satellite positions in its non-volatile memory. Power outages can’t wipe out your settings. It includes a fine quality IR remote.


  • Powerful 36 Volt DC high amperage design.
  • 10 Amp 110 VDC rated dual motor relays.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Fuse Protection.
  • Accurate position counting.
  • Easy to read four digit alpha-numeric LED display.
  • 99 Satellite positions.
  • Works with any Receiver via Remote Control.
  • Compatible with any Actuator using a reed or hall sensor.
  • Actuator re-synchronization feature for easy reset.
  • Parental Lock / Unlock feature.
  • Programable over-travel limits.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • 110-240 volt selectable.
  • Full size remote and buttons.

After a long hard search and countless hours of testing at Rainier for the best dish mover controller, we can say its finally been found. We are very happy to be able to sell this fine product in our store, for a fair price to our customers, for use with their Rainier D9865 receivers and or other equipment they may be using. The long hard search is over.


Get the All in One Solution

Order the AP 600 here

Additional Views


Front View


Fine quality remote


Rear View 110-220/240 volt selectable