Rainier to launch New Variety Pak.

Rainier Satellite is pleased to announce our New Variety Pak. This package will replace our Basic Blue Pak currently available in the near future. The Stars come out with Variety as it includes two Premium uncut Movie Channels. But that’s not all. Many popular cable networks are being added that have been missing from C band for years. Plus you also get all our great current Blue Pak offerings with Variety.

Rainier Satellite has been asked by many about making premium movies available for our subscribers. Rainier Satellite listened.

If your currently own a big dish spending hours scanning the sky for decent free to air content to watch and continue to be disappointed? Then Rainier is for you. With the loss of 4 more FTA channels lately it’s a no brainier, it’s time to get on board with Rainier. Quit rolling Snake Eyes!

Rainier continues to add quality content needed to keep your big dish filled.

If you were a 4DTV subscriber in the past and tired of missing your favorite cable network shows and movies?

It’s time to get on board with Rainier.

If you’re a cord cutter that cut the cord because of costs?

Rainier is for you with our low monthly rates.

But that’s not all. Rainier’s content is in Glorious Ultimate HD direct from the broadcaster. The picture don’t get any better. Got a new 4K TV fill it up with Rainier and get the picture you paid for.

Stay tuned for launch date of Variety and the new content included.

Looking for more information? Call Rainier at 509-486-4137 to speak with a CSR.

Now that the secret is out. Its time to Get on Board with Rainier. Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift that keeps giving all year long.

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