NEW CHANNELS! The Stars are Coming Out with Rainier Satellite.

Rainier Satellite has obtained the contracts and rights to sell the following Sony channels. We are pleased to announce the addition of Sony Movie Channel, and Cine Sony premium movie channels to be added to our New Variety Pak.

The Sony Movie Channels features the most exciting collection of action, Western, crime, and comedy movies that men love. We welcome the Sony movie channels to the growing Rainier family. Premium uncut uninterrupted movies have been gone from C band since the 4DTV no longer provided them in 2014. Rainier is happy that we’re finally able to fill this void.

Premium Movies are just one of the great offerings forthcoming from our new Variety pak. We are in the process of finalizing other contracts with popular cable networks and will be adding them for Variety’s launch. Variety will also include all current blue pak channels.

Details on other popular cable channel adds, pricing, and launch date of the Variety pak is coming soon.  (Variety replaces basic blue pak) Current subscribers with Rainier will be able to upgrade. Your bill will be prorated, being charged for the difference on the remaining time left on your basic blue subscription.

Past subscribers to Rainier suspended for non renewal payment can purchase Variety for its cost plus a reauthorization fee of $25.00.

If you don’t have a Rainier D9865 receiver yet the time to get one is Now. Don’t miss out on the new Variety pak experience. Your dish no longer needs to sit empty.

Receiver details and ordering can be  found HERE

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