5G interference issues increasing… Rainier has the Solution that works!

With more and more 5G towers coming on line daily, interference is becoming quite a problem. But not to worry. Rainier Satellite has the best correct solution for your site.

TV, Radio stations, and other Big dish users take note.

Why choose Rainier?

Our 5G Filters are Approved By SES & INTELSAT

5G Environment Satellite Dishes

Prevent and Stop 5G interference problems with our satellite dishes and 5G filters.

Our SOLID TRUE Parabolic Design reflectors help block offending terrestrial microwave (Wmax, 5G) signals unlike mesh dishes. Team our dishes with our complete line of 5G Filters.

Our name brand products have been field tested in the broadcast industry under real world conditions and work! We also offer full phone and e-mail tech and sales support. We also offer an optional pay per hour consulting team to address your specific issues.

What to avoid!

Bargain basement dealers while pricing may seem attractive don’t stock tested under real world conditions products. Most products are no name low cost offshore lnbfs, filters & lnb’s that under perform and don’t last. Many don’t even provide the proper frequency removal range to stop 5G.

Many sellers of these don’t offer support or even have phone numbers if you have a problem.

Its a no brainier…

Rainier carry’s a full line of 5G filters and 5G rejection satellite dishes. We have years of knowledge and experience in combating terrestrial interference (which 5G actually is). We can resolve your issues while other can’t.

Learn more about Rainier’s outstanding solutions for 5G interference by clicking on the button below. When your done with the rest come to the best, Rainier Satellite.

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