C-Band TVI and us

For quite some time, over 2 years now, my reception has been interrupted at irregular times by TVI. Sometimes to the point of being completely un-watchable. I noticed it occurred on Thursdays when the local trash service trucks were around. Contacted them twice about it but didn’t take long for that to return. Seemed as if the operators were tinkering with their radio rigs. ┬áContacted the FCC about it & it seems to have vanished. That is until the neighbor comes home late at night. Microwave dinners are handy, but if no one told you about the radiation leaks, who knows how many brain cells you cooked with your dinner.

Microwave leakage detectors are available, they’re not terribly expensive and they save embarrassment when troubleshooting your TVI problems. Note that you must be sure that your hot & neutral wires for your kitchen receptacles are not reversed.┬áHarmonic radiation travels from the inverter back up the lines and without a grounding circuit, well your house wiring becomes so much of an antenna!

Microwave Signal .pdf

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