Rainier Announces CAS Plus

From the Presidents Desk.

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce a new CAS Plus system will be rolled out on many current  & future channels being added on Rainier Satellites C band satellite platform.  With the new CAS Plus system deployed the C band signals the programmers and Rainier use will be secure from breaches in conditional access security that may be found on other older style conditional access systems.  Many industry leading big name programmers are being added to the new system as of writing this. The new CAS Plus system being unique in the way it works also protects and renders older system breaches unusable by those trying to use them. CAS Plus  is based on the latest state of the art technology to date. Rainier is proud to be at the forefront of this project and  implementation on signals has begun.  What this means for the programmers and consumer are signals will be fully secure, and allows access to 100’s of channels Rainier is acquiring for its C band Pure HD satellite platform.

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