Sony Movies Move Update

Attention Rainier Satellite Variety Xtra package subscribers. Your D9865 receiver is now authorized at the 103 west satellite. Please use this location to watch these channels from now on. The old location at 125 west will be deauthorized soon.

The tuning parameters are as follows.

Satellite SES 3, 103 west Vertical polarity
Modulation Type: DVB-S2
Downlink: 03.943
Symbol Rate: 25.000
NID: 10

Sony Movies is on Ch 700
Sony Cine is on Ch 600

Please update your IRD if you haven’t yet.

If you have any issues receiving this new mux we recommend getting your satellite dish alignment checked and replace your old LNB’s with a Rainier recommended PLL LNB’s sold in our webstore.

Rainier Webstore

If you require any help with the transition please call Rainier Tech Support at 509-477-9270.

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