PBS C band Sunset March 4th.

Sad News for PBS FTA viewers. PBS has been free with a C band dish for many years. Although due to budget cuts at PBS the c band signal is going away as of March 4th, 2019. But don’t despair Rainier has great a solution for you. You can add the Canadian versions of PBS to your Rainier subscription for a low low monthly cost.

While many free TV options for using a c band dish continue to dwindle. Rainier programming options continues to grow.

The time to get on board with Rainier is Now! Don’t miss out on the great entertainment your c band dish can provide with Rainier’s D9865 receivers.

Get Rainier’s PBS replacement with the Toronto 4 pack today. You can add the Canadian networks to our Variety or Startup pak’s that start at as low as $5.99 a month. No credit checks or Social Security numbers required to order Rainier TV.

Rainier D9865 receiver and subscription is required.

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