4DTV X4 HITS Programming to End in June 2016.


We have been informed by inside sources that at the end of June 2016 the programming provided by Satellite Receivers Limited (SRL / Programming Center) & Skyvision will be ending. People with subscriptions to the HITS X4 Platform will then be orphaned and left out in the cold as of that time.

Rainier is sorry to see this happening,  but has known that the 4DTV programming has been at the mercy of Comcast HITS  since 2010. In short they can’t do anything about it. Comcast has only been interested in their cable platform for many years . 4DTV was riding on an old contract with old legacy equipment that is being replaced with up to date equipment. (reason for full 4DTV shutdown) Comcast is acquiring the full 105 satellite for their cable mega platform this summer.

Don’t Despair The Sky is not going dark for subscription C band programming.

Rainier Satellite LLC is here to help out out those being orphaned on the 4DTV platform and is working hard to get  quite a few more channels added quickly to our HD platform, and  provide a wide variety of programming available before or at  that time.

Rainier Satellite welcomes all current HITS 4DTV Subscribers to join the future and subscribe to Rainier’s Pure Master HD platform. We hope to make this transition as easy as possible for those on the 4DTV platform to the Rainier Satellite HD platform.

For the Rainier Platform an upgrade will be needed to the Rainier Cisco D9865H receiver for HD or D9865B for SD,

Also a subscription to our channel packages is required for programming.

The D9865 also doubles as an FTA receiver so no extra receiver is needed for this  free programming.

You can order your Rainier receiver upgrade and programming packages here.

Upgrade installation tips can be found  here

For more information about  Rainier Satellite please call 509 486-4137 or e-mail customersupport@rainiersatellite.net



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