Providers getting aggressive with Satellite Pirates

In the world of Never Never Land some continue to think they can beat the system and steal Satellite TV.


This is becoming more and more a pipe dream.

Negative reports from seedy places continue to come in complaining of  issues upon issues with pirate decoders. Anything from this channel only  works for a few minutes, that channel works for a few minutes, pictures freezing, boxes locking,  total channel blackout.

This is just the beginning as content providers ramp up their counter attack on these law breakers. Besides stepped up electronic counter measures, legal action is now being taken. These law breaker’s will be ending up behind bars soon.  Dealers that participate in these seedy actions are being busted, and customer records are being seized as these raids continue. Prosecution of these who provide or have purchased equipment continues.

Some who think they are so smart try to hide out on foreign shores. They are are being hunted down by bounty hunters, and being dragged back to  U.S. shores to be prosecuted. The scales of justice are in motion.

Why would one go through all this trouble just to try to watch TV?  Its a sickness say well known psychologists. Pirates claim they are being taken advantage of because they have to pay for premium TV,  it should be free they claim.  We’ll something is wrong right there with that way of thinking anyone with common sense can see. Television content cannot exist without revenue. Free TV  such as broadcast has costs too. It exists through ad revenue.  Pay TV has specialized channels and content.  As more and more specialized and targeted content continues to be made costs rise. So costs increase. The sicko’s see this as some kind of discrimination as they revert to theft.

The average pirate spends more money on work arounds and fixes then the legal subscriber. Their entertainment time continues to dwindle and be interrupted by issues plaguing their equipment from ECM’s. So where do they win?  It makes more sense to go legal and pay your monthly fee’s.  That way when you get that big bowl of popcorn and want to sit down and watch that new action packed movie,  it will be working great with all its glory. You end up with total enjoyment and peace of mind.



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