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Is Orby TV shutting down?

Rainier Satellite lately been contacted from concerned folk who currently have Orby TV looking for answers and options. There’s much speculation out there on the internet. We’ll do our best to get the facts out as they’re known.

On February 17, 2021 reports started coming in about Orby TV going out of business noting their website disappeared except for a static message.

Customers who reached out to Orby via e-mail¬† have reported they’ve received no response.

Rainier Satellite contacted Orbys customer help line to find it has a recorded message that Orby is no longer activating customer accounts. Orbys Facebook page appears to have been removed. At Orbys YouTube page all content has been removed.

Rainier also found out customers scheduled for installation had their install cancelled. Other reports said that customers cannot log into their accounts any longer.

Sources have been unable to reach Michael Thornton, Orbys CEO, and a former Starz and DIRECTV executive. When they called a Beverly Hills, California phone number listed for Orby at various business web sites, the person answering said it was a private residence which had nothing to do with Orby.

Eric Becker, a former Starz executive who now runs a private public relations firm called Becker PR, has done public relations work for Orby in the past. But when asked if he knew the satellite TV services status, he said he did not work with Orby any longer and was unaware of its current status.

While there’s no official word yet from Orby TV these abrupt measures by Orby Tv does not look good for its customers.

Those are the facts as far as we know.

If Orby TV is in fact shutting down Rainier Satellite would like to reach out to Orby TVs orphans to get on board with us for their TV entertainment at a low cost. Rainier Satellite did the same reaching out to the 4DTV orphans when programming center shutdown in 2016. If your just looking for alternative to high cost cable and small dish, or not happy with how Orby is handling its customers concerning their problems check us out. At Rainier Satellite the customer comes first. Were financially sound and growing. We offer both consumer and business TV platforms. Our consumer programming packages start out as low as $5.99 per month.

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