Rainier Satellite 2.7 meter dish 9 ft more bang for less buck’s

Rainier Satellite’s new C band dish offering has some exciting news. Our DH 9 ft dish Special Edition is optimized for the gain of a 10 foot at a 9 foot size. This is accomplished by a special tuned reflector and feed combo. This gets all those weaker signals. Being a 9 foot size has other advantages too. Shipping is done using common carrier, no motor freighting needed. This keeps shipping cost low. 9 foot also means its accepted in area’s where a 10 foot or larger may have a problem due to restrictive covenants.

With that said the following is being added to protect the consumer from unscrupulous individuals masquerading as businessmen.

Rainier at this time will address a rumor being started by an unscrupulous website selling nothing but lies to steal your dollars. This website wants you to send CASH money to a PO box in Iceland for their so called fictitious products. They do not accept Paypal or credit cards which offer buyer protection like Rainier does.  (We will not post the website name due to the nature of their illegal activities)

This website uses shill posters to start conversations and promote the illegal activities. This one post was brought to Rainier Satellites attention. In this post a shill says they contacted Rainier Satellite for a quote, and were given the following figures. We know this is not true since we have all contact correspondence logs. We will now expose their lies.


One can see that this fake information they post is nothing more than LIE after LIE. How could one even begin to trust anything said on this website by its owner or the shills?  We recommend you steer far away from this place that promotes nothing but LIE after LIE. And other places like that.

This information is being added to our news section  to protect the public. Only buy from sources that promote legal activities, have business licenses and a physical location. Not a PO Box as an address. Furthermore only buy with Paypal or credit card which protects the buyer if there is a problem.





C Band Satellite Dishes Now Available from Rainier Satellite

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce we’re now offering a high quality C / ku 2.7 meter 4 panel Satellite Dish by well known DH Antenna.

Get the signal in all weather with our high quality built 2.7 meter, 9 foot Aluminum, 4 section Satellite Dish. Made in the U.S.A. by well known DH Antenna. Includes polar mount and ortho factory tuned C band feedhorn for maximum gain. Accurate 9 foot solid reflector with tuned feed offers gain of 10 foot mesh antenna’s at a smaller size. More HOA and neighbor friendly. Detailed instructions included. Installation helpline phone support direct with DH included with your purchase.

Quality Packed and Shipped – Easy Assembly


Get all the information here



Announcing 2 new options… Core Electronic packages

Its time to dump that old clunky 4DTV, analog satellite receiver or messy problematic dish mover. HOW?

Upgrade to one of the Core Electronics packages available from Rainier Satellite.

Simplify your experience with our D9865 receivers. No 4DTV old style outdated maps to play with. No incompatible DISEqC commands to setup from messy software dish movers.

Our core electronic packages include:

Two Norsat High Quality PLL LNB’s  (2  stability versions available)

Chaparral Dual LNB Ortho feedhorn

World Class quality time tested Pansat AP-600 Dish Mover

High isolation H/V c & ku band switch.  Fully compatible with the Rainier D9865 receivers firmware. (allows Ku band expansion all on one switch)

Advantages: High Stability Norsat PLL LNB’s grabs the signal and keeps it locked in. Chaparral ortho feedhorn. time tested quality design. No more servo motors to freeze or burn out. Simple setup and control Pansat AP-600 mover moves your dish in all weather with pinpoint accuracy without over or underun. Large 4 segment LED display shows at a glance which satellite your dish is on. (no need to get out the glasses to read some tiny LCD washed out backlit display) High isolation approved switch with 4 input ports allow full voltage H/V c and ku band switching for maximum stability right from the D9865 receiver. All the guesswork was taken out of what to get with Rainier’s we test it thoroughly before we sell a product testers group. Our system is guaranteed to work out of the box without headaches before release.

Upgrade today with our Professional or Basic Core Electronic package. Simplify your C band experience as Rainier marches C band Satellite well into the future.

Get the core electronic package here



Rainier Webstore Now Selling most products for your C band Install needs.


Contact Rainier’s Customer Support about products not seen on our Webstore. Rainier wants to simplify your shopping experience by providing you a one stop shop for all your needs.

Rainier Satellites Webstore

To contact Rainier:

email  customersupport@rainiersatellite.net   or call   509-486-4137

A letter from the President

A letter from Rainier Satellites President.

Greetings All,

I personally want to take this time to thank all who have become part of the Rainier Satellite subscription TV family. Our latest figures show subscriber count continues to grow. Also our various webstore product sales are seeing exciting expansion in sales too. This is great news for those who love their C band television. With this continued growth Rainier can keep investing in expanding and adding products and services for you the backyard dish owner.

We will be releasing two versions of our core electronics package in the very near future. A lower cost basic package, and high end professional package (for those who demand the best). They will both include quality Norsat PLL LNB’s, a Chaparral dual feedhorn, and switch needed to control the polarity to the D9865 series receivers. To complete the package it adds the world class Pansat AP-600 mover to move your dish for use with our  D9865 receiver for the complete full arc Rainier Satellite updated  C band experience.

Rainier also continues to make progress with our new  CAS+Plus platform. which will transform the C band industry. With 16 current and growing number of contracts with various programmers for their channels. The CAS +Plus system can easily yield 100 or more channels coming to this exciting platform.

We hope you can find the time to stop by our website

Rainier Satellite

and webstore

Rainier Webstore

to see whats new and exciting happening with C band television. We hope many C band enthusiasts who stop by will soon become members of the Rainier Satellite TV Family as the expansive C band growth continues.

Best Wishes all,

Robert Scharman,

President Rainier Satellite LLC







Rainier Announces CAS Plus

From the Presidents Desk.

Rainier Satellite is proud to announce a new CAS Plus system will be rolled out on many current  & future channels being added on Rainier Satellites C band satellite platform.  With the new CAS Plus system deployed the C band signals the programmers and Rainier use will be secure from breaches in conditional access security that may be found on other older style conditional access systems.  Many industry leading big name programmers are being added to the new system as of writing this. The new CAS Plus system being unique in the way it works also protects and renders older system breaches unusable by those trying to use them. CAS Plus  is based on the latest state of the art technology to date. Rainier is proud to be at the forefront of this project and  implementation on signals has begun.  What this means for the programmers and consumer are signals will be fully secure, and allows access to 100’s of channels Rainier is acquiring for its C band Pure HD satellite platform.